About 30-45% of people are misdiagnosed and even a higher percentage are receiving a wrong or non-efficient therapy. We propose here two unique devices which are securing a perfect diagnosis and an efficient customized therapy:

Bioscan SWA is a bioenergetic device of the latest generation which vibrationally scans 250 parameters characterizing your body fluids (blood, urine, bile, urine, etc.), specific organs’, vitamins, hormones, minerals, trace elements, amino-acids, etc. It takes only 90 seconds to do this complete evaluation and you know which are the health issues. A comprehensive final report is edited showing vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids deficiencies. Finally, a therapy plan is automatically recommended and edited.

To measure reasonable values, the device uses an enhanced resonance, by stimulating the body to generate bolder vibrations, which then can be more precisely measured. All information shown are related to the present manifested health condition(s). To maintain a certain energy and treating dynamics, the bioscan-swa takes – after the first measurement – the previous values in its calculations and evaluations.

Biotonometer is a live ANS (autonomic nervous system) monitor controlling and following all changes occurring in your body. Biotonometry is the single method which makes possible to record ANS’ activity in seconds; this works by electronic measuring at the same time of skin capacity (C) and skin resistance (R). There is no other device which can evaluate ANS and guide you through the most suitable therapy application; based on measured R and C values it can be avoided an irritation either of Parasympathetic or of Sympathetic nerves. Biotonometer measures live the effects of medication, therapies, dosage; it is very fast, realistic, reproducible and cost effective.

Bioscan & Biotonometer must be in any practice, clinic, hospital, being the perfect and most efficient scanner tandem to diagnose correct and apply a beneficial and successful therapy.

You never risk the life of your patients and your therapy achieves its targets.

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