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Artemisia – The New Hope

If you really want  to heal your Cancer, Lyme, Hepatitis B or C, HIV, Epstein Bar Virus, Herpes, Toxoplasmosis, Malaria and many other parasitic, bacterial, viral infections, try our unique natural product. It is a mixture of extracts from different herbs combined with other components to enhance herbs solubility and bioactivity. One of this herbs is known for over 2000 years as being exceptionally active against Malaria, parasites, bacteria, tumors of all kind: ARTEMISIA Annua natural extract known as Artemisinin is the New Hope.

What makes this plants’ extract so potent and how can we use it for the therapy of serious health conditions?

  • The chemical composition and molecular structure of Artemisinin is unique
  • The bioactivity is significantly enhancing when it encounters Iron ions
  • Artemisinin anti-cancer, anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity is due to its end peroxide group, which are generating in contact with iron ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) known as cancer killers
  • Artemisinin healing effects are also a result of other important components such as flavonoids with known beneficial immune-modulatory activity
  • Artemisia Annua can be processed to different natural and semisyntheticproducts such as Artesunate used in naturopathic cancer clinics or for malaria therapy
  • We know today that tumor cells are richer in iron and transferrin, an iron transporting protein. Thus, natural Artemisinin removes iron out of cancer cells, which cannot proliferate and the generated ROS is killing the cancer cells. What a wonderful natural mechanism embedded in plant for humans to heal so many serious conditions
  • Several recent studies show different mechanistic pathways that can selectively induce apoptosis and inhibit angiogenesis in tumor cells
  • Experiments at Universities show that Artemisinin is 100 times more cytotoxic to cancer cells than to normal cells and some cancer cells can be killed in days
  • Artemisinin is efficient also at low dose of Artemisinin
  • Artemisinin is today as being best anti-malaria treatment

Our unique Artemisia herbs extract is a worldwide premiere:

  • We offer a unique Artemisia herbs mixture extract with a concentration in Artemisinin of more than 25%, thus 25 times more concentrated as any other Artemisinin offered on the market either as liquid extract or capsules
  • Our Artemisia herbs extract shows an unbeatable bioactivity of over 98%
  • Our extract preserved all plants components such as flavonoids, enzymes
  • Our extract is the new hope for Cancer, TB, Lyme, Toxoplasmosis, Malaria, HIV, Herpes, Epstein Barr, Hepatitis patients
  • You can do the therapy orally at home without risks, there is no toxicity or harm to healthy cells, therefore no side effects, no Herxheimer reaction, you will feel better from the first moment
  • Enjoy high tolerance of Artemisinin associated with low therapy costs

Learn more about our unique Artemisia herbs extract here:

5 thoughts on “Artemisia – The New Hope

  1. Franklin says:

    My neice underwent a chemotherapy treatment in 2016 and her right breas was removed. Right now she is as bald as a vulture.Please can Artemisinin reverse the effects of chemotherapy,improve her health and eventually cure her. Thanks,

    1. Hi, Our Artemisinin product can cure totally cancer and many other diseases. She would need min. 10 up to 30 vials therapy and will be free of cancer for ever.

  2. I’m unclear whether it is Artemisinin or GOLEIC is recommended for my son who is 21yrs old with autism, epilepsy and autism related Catalonia. Can you advise please.

    1. Hi Susan, the best I can recommend is ketogenic diet along with Artemisinin herbs extract we provide of a very special quality,
      i.e. 25 times more active as any other Artemisia herbs available commercially on this planet. Supportive would be our Geno62 along with Aquatone,
      both working on the brain and ANS with tremendous effects.

  3. You’ve impressed us all with that posting!

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