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Vega Testing & Vega Check methods

Illness begins on informational & bioenergetic level, therefore symptoms of an energy imbalance (functional disturbances) can and do occur long before pathological morphology is evident. The first sign of abnormality in the body is an electrical signal due to cellular charges changes. If abnormal electrical charges continue to multiply, then structural & pathological changes occur. Wegamed diagnostic machines measure these bioenergetic phenomena by recording the changes in skin bioimpedance (skin conductivity and skin reactance combined). Wegamed diagnostic devices help you reach quickly an in-depth diagnosis, identify dysfunctions and their root causes in a holistic and detailed way, are non-invasive, free of side-effects, extremely accurate and time efficient for patients and doctors.

Test Expert Plus, previously known as VEGA Test Expert, is a bioenergetic regulatory technique that has its origins in TCM acupuncture and homeopathy, being a synthesis of ancient Chinese medical knowledge and cutting-edge western modern technology. Test expert Plus is particularly indicated in health problems for which the cause is unknown, if there are multiple chronic health problems (known as morbidic state), to diagnose a reoccurring health problem, or a problem that is not responding well to selected treatment, or any situation that involves a seemingly complicated or vague symptom picture. Test expert Plus can be used to monitor the progress that a patient is making, without having to re-run expensive laboratory tests. Test Expert Plus can also conduct energy screening and provide your biological index, and much more.

Check Medical Sport, previously known as “Vega-Check” machine was developed 20 years ago in Germany and has been continuously improved since then by Wegamed/Germany.

Check Medical test is a status evaluation of the entire body, from head to toe, body and psyche using an electro-physiological, functional method. Check Medical works like a “full-body ECG” that gives us a comprehensive picture of correlations between biophysical parameters typical for the entire body.  The test shows: the body’s energy status, vitality, general health status, psychological, vegetative and emotional stress levels, the body’s acid-alkaline balance and its detoxifying ability.

Prefit Bodyscan is a fitness and sport version of Check Medical (Vega Check) made specifically for intelligent fitness and sport performance. It elaborates a constitutional muscle analysis, optimization of training time, makes recommendations for optimal fitness, optimizes your training sessions to boost performance, adjusts your nutrition to secure acid-base balance during the training and competitions; therefore, it is used in all elite and large fitness studios, SPA, resorts and many professional sport clubs.

Listen to what many doctors, trainers, patients have to say about Wegamed Diagnostic devices; hundreds of patients were implicated and tested in double blind studies.

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