Wegamed Intelligent Bioresonance Therapy


 Dr. Mary Staggs has 8 Wegamed devices and this is what she has to say:

“Therapeutic tools, direct therapy, no pain, no side effects, little time needed to use and visual to both the practitioner and the patient.

This I was unable to do before in such a professional way and so quickly and non-invasive.

Patients are amazed and enthralled when I show them what I am doing, they are proud to walk out with their SI-Card plus their herbal drops and creams which leads us to the next incredible step.

If they use the SI-Card, diet, drops and creams then we get outstanding results.

What can I say, I am amazed, enthusiastic, exuberant, passionate and over the moon with Wegamed devices, I must say at almost 80 yrs. of age I don’t get that caught up often.

I love using these tools in my arsenal. They all work so well, there is nothing else out there that comes close to Wegamed. (I can tell you I have looked).

How easy is this?? Even at 80 years old I can use this incredible tool in my clinic.

Stimulating and detoxifying at the same time, extremely important in all therapies.

SI-Card, so effective for the patient to carry out with them and continue their therapy, so easy and without side effects, great with children and pets.

My patients save money as they don’t have to continually travel to me for their therapy, for those who live many miles away it is a real blessing.”

Listen do many other doctors what they say about their experience with Wegamed therapy devices. A world of happy practitioners and patients after a history of over 25 years.

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