LiveWater – The Secret of Living Water

“Everything came out of water and life can exist only where water is abundantly available.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Do you have problems with your water?

  • Lime deposits and hardness
  • Bad taste
  • Excessive chlorination and fluoridation
  • Presence of pesticides and fertilizers (nitrates, nitrites)
  • Residual pharmaceutical drugs (hormones, drugs) and other metabolites
  • Heavy metals
  • Detergents, chemical agents of different kind
  • Increased Pathogenic germs
  • Increased oxidative potential due to water disinfection treatment
  • Water structure is lost when flowing through pipelines or when bottled water is transported over long distances

We have the solution for you: Our LiveWater technology along with our LiveWater optimizing devices are correcting all above mentioned problems. LiveWater is not a filtration, reverse osmosis or a softener system; it is a complex water optimization method using waters’ abilities for self-cleaning:

  • Whirling, forming many vortexes and eliminating thus many pathogens, Chlorine, Fluorine, Pesticides, Chemicals
  • Energetic structuring
  • Increasing Ionic oxygen content significantly

LiveWater tastes great and has healing properties just like the best spring water. It is thus a tool for a sustainable alternative medicine. It has also been proven in many renowned laboratories, clinics, hospitals, hotels and spa resorts, medical institutions, restaurants, etc.
There is a fitting LiveWater device for all your needs, may they be private, commercial or both. Contact us to discuss them!

We offer a unique, affordable and economic solution for your water:
• Spring-like clean, energized & healthy water
• Up to 10 times better water quality as any other water
• Great taste
• Reduces lime scale by up to 50%
• Easy, fast & cheap to install
• No refills or maintenance needed
• No consumables
• No electricity needed

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