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“The theory was that the chemical composition is important. Now the sensational news is that that is nonsense. The structure of water is much more important than the chemical composition. And guess what determines the folding, shape, and structure of every single protein in the body, including DNA? That’s right, it’s water. The minimum 10,000 water molecules that surround every protein in the body are directly responsible for the shape, folding, and coiling. And it does this through its liquid crystal geometric structures.”  Prof. Rustum Roy, Univ. of Pennsylvania Member: International Academy of Science

Best and healthiest water known in the world is Lourdes spring water (France):
Tap water as well as bottled water has no structure and is full of pesticides, fertilizers, chlorine, hormones and many other impurities and toxins:

Livewater generated with our unique technology and devices has following properties: Fresh tasting invigorating water, Low surface tension, less than 46 dynes per cubic centimeter, Greater density, No chlorine smell, undetectable chlorine, No more dry and itchy skin, no effects from sunburns, Less soap and laundry detergent necessary, Healthier plant growth, greener lawns, Reduces significantly chlorine requirements for spas & swimming pools, Reduces corrosion & deposits in pipes, Increases longevity of all systems that use water, Improved growth of crops with increased biomass (27% to 40%), Lower freezing point so plants can be sustained at lower temperatures, Removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits, Healthier farm livestock, domestic pets & fish, Structured water increases minerals, medications or any other supplement absorption, Eliminates polluting salts, chemicals or corrosive byproducts, Improved aerobic bacterial activity in septic & sewage systems, Structured water is loaded with negative ions, healthy for all living beings (plants, animals, humans), Structured water is the ultimate food and greatest medicine, it facilitates a 100 times better hydration reaching the cells in 2 minutes.

Our Livewater perfectly mimics natural spring water quality and induces same biological positive effects as best spring water. It is beautifully structured as shown below:

Listen to what our happy clients say after experiencing Livewater in their homes, clinics, companies:

Structured water can pass through cells membrane without alteration, making it a much more efficient form of water for biological purposes. Cells communicate and their signals cannot be properly transmitted through a maze. Without this crystalline structure of water, cellular communication signals become distorted, killing the cells. The crystalline structure of molecules allows for clear, crisp signaling and information transfer, just like the semiconductor chips in your computer. But once this route is disrupted, cellular communication can be severely affected!

Water is the fluid that fills up between your cells, your tissues. But did you know that besides solid, liquid, and gas, water has a 4th phase? This ground-breaking discovery has been confirmed by many researchers, including Dr. Gerald Pollack, University of Washington professor of bio-engineering. And this 4th phase refers to the hexagonally structured water. It works to stabilize the structures of biological molecules such as your DNA, by supporting the folds and bends of the molecule and protecting it from outside disturbances. It also functions as the highway that transports nutrients and waste from one end to another. So, what happens when the amount of structured water is high? There is NO toxic waste build up because structured water molecules can effectively eliminate it from our body, increasing our metabolic function. What’s even more amazing about this water is its huge capacity to store energy. And this energy can be released immediately when the body needs it!

Structured water advantages: Smaller clusters, Less harmful energies and free radicals, Increases cell hydration by 300%, Healthy intestinal flora, Eliminates fats, chemicals, and toxins from the blood, 30% more oxygen in the water, 30% more oxygen in cells via intake, Higher oxygen means higher energy (volt), Less pathogens and diseases, Anti-ageing and rejuvenation.

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