Today 10 companies decide what you eat and everything you buy from these companies contains toxins, food additives, sugar and corn syrup, MSG and GMO foods. Monoculture soils are depleted of all nutrients and their value for our cells is almost closed to zero. How can you protect yourself?

Eat only organic foods and select the most important supplements which are essential for a well-functioning of your cells. One of this essential nutrient is the sulfur containing amino acid TAURINE.

“Considering its broad distribution, its many cytoprotective attributes, and its functional significance in cell development, nutrition, and survival, taurine is undoubtedly one of the most essential substances in the body.”

Taurine has many essential healing functions in human body

Taurine promotes cardiovascular and brain health, insulin sensitivity, electrolyte balance, immune modulation and much more. Taurine protects you against heart failure, reducing heart attack mortality by nearly 80%. Its benefits are so broad and extensive that scientists have described taurine as “a wonder molecule.” Taurine is found abundantly in healthy bodies and in the centenaries living in Okinawa/Japan.

Many different cancers have been found to be associated with unusually low serum taurine levels: Breast cancer, Ovarian cancer, Bladder cancer, Lung cancer, Uterine cancer, Liver cancer, Colon cancer, Gastro-intestinal cancer, Endometrial cancer.

It is known, that tumor cells typically over-produce sulfated polysaccharides and cancer cells use taurine to convert it to sulfate. Taurine displays antineoplastic effects through down regulation of angiogenesis and enhancement of tumor cell apoptosis.

Support cancer treatment with Taurine supplementation

Learn more by watching this video:

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