Building blocks of the human body are proteins and proteins’ building blocks are peptides; these are smaller molecules which contain all biochemicals, energy and information to recreate the proteins. This biosynthesis process happens thousands of time per second. Peptides’ biosynthesis is the most critical step in new protein formation.

Peptides are polymers of 20 amino acids connected to each other by peptide bonds. Proteins are larger molecules with a molecular weight of 5000 g/mol. or greater. Proteins can fulfill different important roles in living beings such as glucose metabolism regulation through insulin, all kind of enzymatic reactions, nervous system activities through neurotransmitters, etc. Therefore, a correct not altered synthesis of proteins is vital.

We sell 30 different peptides with different compositions. Our peptides are multi-component peptide complexes of the next-generation used for prevention, rehabilitation and rejuvenation. These peptides are a 3+1 formula, containing 3 main groups of nutrients in 1 vegetarian capsule. The combination of balanced ingredients and a vegetarian capsule makes each of our peptides, undoubtedly, “golden” by the number of useful properties and efficacy.

Group I is the basis of all peptides, being a complex of physiologically active low-molecular bio-synthesized peptides of animal origin. It is the new generation of natural peptides, selected for specific organs using a new technology for low molecular peptides. Low-molecular peptides can restore the reduced synthesis of proteins in the body caused by diseases or ageing, enhance adaptive capacity, restore the functional activity of organs and tissues, have a clear focus and specificity of regulatory actions on cells, tissues and organs.

Group II are extracts of specially selected herbs to activate cell metabolism

Group III are daily required nutrients such as essential vitamins and macro-, micronutrients with bio-stimulating effect on cells.

Vegetarian capsules for our peptides are manufactured of hypromellose. The amino acid resistant capsules are dissolving slowly, and the nutrients are released and absorbed by tissue cells gradually and evenly throughout the whole passage in the gastrointestinal tract. The therapeutic properties of natural peptides of animal origin and their effect in the small intestine are preserved in a vegetable capsule only.

Peptides are grouped as anti-aging peptides, peptides specific for women or for men, peptides for sport and fitness, peptides for cosmetology, peptides for prevention and maintenance and for hormonal regulation.

Major advantages of our peptides are:

  • Multi-component balanced composition: Each capsule contains individually selected ingredients which we cannot get enough from our everyday food – bio-active peptides, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients
  • Selective effect:The ingredients of each multi-component peptide bioregulator are carefully selected to reinforce a specific effect of bio-active peptides on cells and tissues. Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients synergistically enhance each other, acting on an organ or system with maximum effect. It means, each organ of the body gets its required nutrients in the amount needed
  • Due to the unique composition, all our products have a preventive, restorative and geroprotective effect, and are equally suitable both for men and women, the elderly and the younger audiences, athletes, and people leading a healthy life
  • The unique formulation of our peptide supplements contains natural ingredients only: peptides of animal origin, medicinal plant extracts, vitamins, minerals
  • You do not need to take any other supplements, not knowing which is their bio-activity and health effects; you take a specific peptide for one month and the body received an optimized premix which easily can be converted into the right protein
  • These peptides are very affordable and you save lots of $ to their consumers
  • It is a supportive treatment for any other therapy as well as therapy in itself
  • You feel better immediately and the test reports confirm the improvement at the cellular level

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