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Forever Young is not a myth it is a life target; human body was built to live hundreds of years, so far it does not deteriorate itself due to bad practices regarding nutrition, breathing, movement, stress, environmental pollution and most important psychological and mind “cleanliness”.

In this video, we present simple procedures and affordable tools necessary to achieve a good life quality, a healthy body and positive energized mind, an emotional emptiness.


How you get sick? A question with some clear answers such as: a psychological event, beliefs trigger through Limbic – ANS – Hormonal systems a chain of disequilibrium states; auto-regulation is then an immediate response to these different stressors, toxins, microbes, etc. If auto-regulation mechanisms do not work properly, You are sick!

Sickness is the major factor accelerating the aging process, leading to death. Forever Young means Forever Healthy. Forever healthy implies different steps in your daily life such as:

  1. Correct and healthy nutrition; we recommend ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting
  2. Drink enough pure and structured water: use our Livewater devices to achieve an excellent water quality
  3. Keep your cells bipolar to enable life energy (Qi, Prana) to flow and an optimal cellular communication: use Geno62, Aquatone 04 Advanced
  4. A permeable and correct polarized cellular membrane: use Triomed Compact
  5. Avoid and protect yourself from electrosmog: use Vita Chip and Triomed CGI
  6. Detox regularly connective tissue and lymphatic matrix: use Med Matrix bioresonance, Aquatone 04 Advanced
  7. A healthy body has a well-functioning auto-regulation which means a balanced autonomic nervous system (ANS): use the unique Kindling Easy system, Geno62 and Triomed Compact to achieve this
  8. A healthy body means a well-functioning cardiovascular system, a healthy heart: use Inferum to correct your blood pressure and take regularly Strophanthin, dosage 7mg/tbl., 1-4 tbl./day
  9. Correct the mutated or misfolded proteins: take regularly our Peptides

And if you still need guidance or personal health care services just give us a call at 1 888 773 3196 or enroll as our patients using this link:


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