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INTELLIGENT FITNESS “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”

This Latin motto means translated: “Healthy mind can exist only in a healthy body”. It is a sharp call for personal perfection, finding limits and moving beyond them, developing a powerful and harmonious personal presence. One is only healthy when he/she is occupied both intellectually and physically. The sentence was first used with this meaning in 1861 by the Englishman John Holley as a motto for his Liverpool Athletic Club. Since ancient times, especially in Greece and Roman Imperium mind and body were cultivated and trained simultaneously to develop harmonious and potent personalities. Today only a few, below 1% of the globe population, are considering important and have the means to do fitness, athletic activities, gymnastic, or just walking, swimming, etc.

We are all individuals and behave differently when doing fitness, sport, relaxing or undergoing a physiotherapy. Therefore, it is imperative to work out an individualized, healthy training program to avoid injuries, muscles soreness, organ stress. A competent customized training is a MUST! We put together 5 tools for creating an intelligently designed, customized fitness plan to boost sport performance:


Prefit Bodyscan is the ideal co-trainer in fitness studio, wellness oasis, SPA resorts, sport clubs, physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics. Prefit Bodyscan scans all muscles, skeleton & joints and determines muscle weaknesses and soreness, tensions, spine and joints problems, heart, lungs and special conditions of other organs. Based on this input data, Prefit Bodyscan elaborates a customized training program to avoid worsening of existent conditions and to support a healthy fitness training program. With Prefit Bodyscan you can determine the best time to play sports or fitness, better select the players for a game. You work with the body and not against it!

With Prefit Bodyscan you can exactly determine what your body needs before and after fitness or sport.  Right nutrition is the roundup of a training. Prefit Bodyscan measures and elaborates the dynamics of the trainee to schedule a perfect training based on known energy reserves of the body. Avoid overworking and sore muscles! Prefit Bodyscan measures if your body tends to get, or is already acidic, either because of dehydration or due to a wrong nutrition or overworking in non-optimal fitness conditions. Acidity increases the danger of muscles injury. Your heart, a conglomerate of 13 different muscles, is in danger too. Prefit Bodyscan measures and elaborates the best values for your training pulse frequency and helps avoiding grave inner organs’ injuries, heart attack, stroke.

 Always have with you following tools to avoid injuries, cardiovascular or cerebrovascular incidents:

Smart Breathe helps to better oxygenate your cells and muscles to avoid soreness or muscles’ injuries due to lactic acid accumulation. Inferum is a drug free bioenergetic blood pressure and pulse regulator, so that during and after fitness or sport activities you are on the safe side. Rofes is your body “cellphone” as it measures in 2 minutes only the changes in all your 17 organs, alarming you when one or another organ does not have enough energy to perform the physical activities you want. Finally, Strophanthin is the heart elixir and it is your final salvation when your heart is in danger due to overworking, wrong nutrition (get acidic) or just a heart weakness.

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