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The Vivid Artemisinin extract we offer is a proven cancer killer which can be used at home with no risks or side effects. The healing power of Vivid Artemisinin extract is a result of the very high concentration in extracted Artemisinin, over 25%, compared to all other commercial products which contain 0.5-2% max Artemisinin.

Another reason why our Vivid Artemisinin is so powerful is due to the synergy between all Artemisia natural products co-extracted such as flavonoids, but not only; in Vivid Artemisinin extract the peroxide bonds were perfectly preserved due to our unique gentle and efficient extraction process (patent pending).

The cancer therapy recommendations:

Stage I or II:    21 days therapy with one bottle daily, containing 25 mil Vivid Artemisinin

Total costs: USD 1260

Stage III or IV: 42 days therapy with one bottle daily, containing 25 mil Vivid Artemisinin

Total costs: USD 2520

During the therapy with Vivid Artemisinin Iron must be kept high. The mechanism how Artemisinin destroys cancer cells: peroxides bonds available in Vivid Artemisinin are cleaved in the presence of iron working as a catalyst; this process is selectively taking place only in the tumor cells, no toxicity to healthy cells. The in tumors generated reactive oxygen species (ROS) are the cancer cells killers.

Our Vivid Artemisinin has a bioactivity of over 98%, unbeatable on the market nowadays.

In our video of today, we present a cancer total treatment concept to bring cancer in total remission sing our unique VIVID ARTEMISININ.


Some facts:

  • Over 70 different cancer types were successfully treated with Vivid Artemisinin
  • 2000 years ago, Artemisia Annua extract was used to heal malaria and this product is still used today for over 55 different infections
  • Over 40000 publications and clinical studies done at renowned universities demonstrate the healing potency of Artemisinin

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