A modern efficient therapy must deal with the root causes and not alleviate only the symptoms. And yet in the case of patients with chronic complaints, allergies or metabolic disorders, doctors soon reach their limits. Due to the complexity of human body physiology, to deal with chronic conditions implies a total treatment concept; causes must be found and treated on different levels, energetic, cellular and epigenetic, body must go into a healthy state which implies a well-functioning auto-regulation.

Chronic illnesses, acute infections or pain mostly occur when the organism lost its capacity to self-regulate and the “milieu” in your body lost its quality to sustain life. Modern biofeedback devices are directly geared to an individual patient’s reactive capacity, metabolic and stress situation.

Biofeedback, or bioresonance is an all-encompassing assessment and treatment modality utilizing patient’s own ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations. Pathological biofield information is collected from the body and body fluids using different electrodes to measure the skin galvanic response. This is directly linked to autonomous nervous system (ANS), the control center of all inner organs and of their functions.

Biofeedback follows recognized principles of physics, wherein a frequency can be canceled out/neutralized with its inverted counterpart. When scanning with a biofeedback device, you measure human body biofield vibrations. In a second step, these vibrations are filtered using electronic band paths and split into two groups: pathogenic (disharmonious) and healthy (harmonious) frequencies. In a third step, pathogenic frequencies (out of phase) are inverted and together with the original collected healthy own frequencies are fed back to the body. This new vibrational therapy cocktail triggers resonances at cellular level and annihilates the pathogeny. Body starts to auto-regulate, and can now reach the perfect state of health known as homeostasis. This is how every biofeedback device works.

The main question is: what causes illness characterized by pathogenic frequencies? The answer is: all epigenetic stressors, microbes, toxins which electromagnetically disturb the body own biofield and thus stopped the free life energy flow (Qi or Prana) and the cellular communication.

Biofeedback therapy is always free of risks or side effects as biofeedback works with the body’s own frequencies. It is a non-invasive correction of body own frequencies activating self-healing potential.


We present here a unique biofeedback total treatment concept, a systemic functional biofeedback implying following steps:

  • DETOX YOUR BODY: Eliminate stressors and electromagnetical disturbances; every good therapy must start with a thorough detoxification to eliminate the detrimental interfering frequencies. We recommend Med Matrix.
  • DETERMINE CELLULAR DAMAGES: After a deep detoxification, you can read the body’s frequencies again and use biofeedback principles to reverse the cellular damages. We recommend Med Select.
  • TRAIN THE AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM (ANS): balance sympathetic and parasympathetic activity and trigger auto-regulation and self-healing potential. We recommend Kindling Easy
  • MAKE LIFESTYLE CHANGES TO ELIMINATE EPIGENETIC STRESSORS: To enhance the healing process and make it permanent you must take care of your DIET, deal with your own emotions, habits, attitudes, correct subliminal sabotage programs by changing your beliefs.

Biofeedback total treatment concept health benefits:

  • Biofeedback total treatment concept can deal with any chronic health issues:
  • Treat inflammatory and degenerative conditions
  • Balance body energy
  • Regulate metabolism
  • Diagnosis and elimination of latent burdens, vaccines, toxins, heavy metals
  • Reverse damages due to geopathic stress and electrosmog
  • Allergies and food intolerance diagnosis and therapy
  • Elimination of pathogens such as parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungus
  • Pain therapy based on root causes elimination
  • Generate customized remedies for a patient’s tailored therapy
  • holistic restoration of the matrix (connective tissue) to full competence and therefore all its functions must be addressed and restored

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