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Did you know that liver is the biggest inner organ and has very important functions for the whole body?

  • Digested proteins are split into building blocks, from which thereafter the body builds its new own proteins
  • Like a filter the liver removes harmful substances, cellular debris, pollutants such as alcohol, nicotine, chemical substances and drugs from the blood; these are changed into water soluble, unpoisonous substances so that kidneys can excrete them.
  • Liver is the most important DETOXIFIER of human body. If the liver is overwhelmed by the toxins, it becomes swamped, its filtration quality is significantly reduced, the liver swells and finally is sick, destroyed.
  • Dead blood corpuscles decomposed by the spleen, are changed by the liver into bile (bilirubin) and are eliminated with gallic acid produced by the liver; bile is supplied to the duodenum for fats and protein digestion which produces a brown colored urobilinogen in the intestine coloring your stool brown; disturbances in the bile production will color the stool in yellow or even whitish light gray and urine becomes dark brown since the bile is eliminated by through kidneys. Excess of this bile is concentrated and stored in the gallbladder
  • Sadness and Anger are the results of liver metabolic sickness whereby the liver metabolism can be influenced through the sense of hearing; thus, a good music normalizes liver metabolism in depressed patients. Sadness and anger destroy liver which is shrinking and finally disintegrates (liver atrophy)
  • By overeating and overdrinking, the liver metabolism and with it the complete basic metabolism of the body are disturbed; chronic conditions such as rheumatism and cancer are coming into play; the liver is hardened, harmed by the different “bad juices” which are the metabolites, ingested from overeating bad foods
  • “Bad juices” pour into blood through the portal vein, thereafter into the chest (lungs) and ascend to the brain causing mental disturbances, especially angriness.
  • Persons who have asthma, chronic fatigue, eczemas with often light fever and strong headaches and cannot find the cause of their illness, they must check their liver metabolism. Because the stomach is involved these persons cannot eat much being allergic to almost everything
  • Due to liver specific physiology, liver sickness influences lungs, heart, brain, kidney digestion and excretory organs, joints and bones

Major Liver health conditions are:

  • liver inflammation
  • jaundice
  • gallstones
  • hepatitis (infectious conditions)
  • cirrhosis, cancer
  • fatty liver


70% of American population has liver health issues, gallstones being one of the most spread liver problem. Gallstones are formed in liver and in the gallbladder; due to their chemical consistency, the stones in the liver biliary ducts are more difficult to be identified by usual scanning methods as the gallbladder stones. Gallbladder surgery does not help much and creates more health complications.

Unhealthy liver is a result of: overeating and overdrinking, excessive alcohol, nicotine and wrong poisonous medication, consume of unhealthy food, foolish lifestyle, sadness and angriness; therefore, first aid in liver healing is to change your lifestyle & nutrition.

There are numerous natural herbal extracts and homeopathic remedies helping significantly to restore liver health; some of the most important naturopathic remedies are Chelidonium Majus, Carduus Marianus, Phosphorus, Heart’s tongue fern, Hyssop, Stone breaker and much more.

Lyra Nara offers 3 products from our original HERBESO product line where different natural products are blended with ultrapure DMSO.

To eliminate gallstones which can create many health issues just follow Andreas Moritz liver flush procedure.

Bioenergetic and phototherapy devices can help a lot to heal and ameliorate liver illnesses: for ex. red laser helps eliminating gallbladder stones and relives pain, acupuncture with Tao Medical restores meridian balance, Aquatone Advanced improves blood and lymph rheology and detoxify, Kindling Easy and Geno62 are specifically used for many chronic diseases treatment and both are highly recommended for liver therapy; Med Matrix is an ideal detoxification and bioresonance therapy tool, that guarantees you a healthy liver and life quality.

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