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Many patients with a so-called “3-vessels disease”, i.e. bottlenecks in all three coronary arteries, are advised by cardiologists to undergo a bypass surgery. Sense and nonsense of the bypass surgery is best summarized in a statement of the world-famous American Mayo Clinic from 2003:

  • The bypass surgery is effective for symptoms’ improvement only
  • The bypass surgery does never have an infarct-preventive effect
  • Survival benefits through this surgery exist only in high-risk patients

What does this mean in simple terms?

  1. Heart complaints are only temporarily improved by a bypass surgery
  2. Bypass surgery does not prevent a heart attack

Anyone who lives in the assumption, that he/she is protected by a bypass operation from heart attack is seriously mistaken. A doctor telling his patient, that the bypass surgery reduces the risk of a heart attack, is unfortunately not well informed. The methodologically impeccable studies, especially the three outstanding studies from 1980s gave no doubt that a bypass surgery never prevented heart attacks.

“The initial complaints reduction does not have to be permanent. The clinical actual data does not suggest, that the bypass surgery will prevent a heart attack, cardiac arrhythmia or the development of cardiac insufficiency. Most of the operated patients will not prolong their lives. The extremely limited possibilities of this procedure are known. The victory of this operation – more than 500,000 bypass operations per year in the year 2000 alone in the USA – was not stopped in any way by these findings.” (hospital in Texas/USA, Mayo Clinic, etc.).


The Coronary Artery Surgery Study (CASS) was conducted at the most prestigious cardiac clinics in USA and Canada; 700 patients with coronary heart conditions were either operated or treated exclusively with medication. The conclusions of this study are speaking for themselves: the bypass surgery in all patients was neither able to prolong life nor prevent a heart attack.

Mainstream medicine therapy concept makes you believe, that narrowing or clogging of the coronary arteries causes circulatory disorders and triggers heart attack. The bottlenecks of the coronary vessels are therefore the decisive risk of myocardial infarction in the medical world today.

The reality is different from this myth; in contrast to the cardiac specialists, thousands of experimental cases and clinical observations lead to the conclusion, that the laying of bypasses around coronary bottlenecks is obviously not a very useful intervention.

The natural solution to the coronary bottleneck problem is that the organism naturally forms circulatory circuits around the clogged vessel passages, i.e. we all have a “natural bypass system” in the heart muscle. Whenever the blood stream in the coronary arteries is affected by a strong constriction, the body forms instantly a whole bundle of new vessels, which supplies that heart area where the stenosis built up. An operatively placed bypass cannot improve this natural by-pass system.

Are there better alternatives to prevent a heart attack, a heart insufficiency and save your life?

The short answer is YES and it’s called STROPHANTIN, also known as OUABAIN!  Strophanthin is a heart glycoside, like Digitalis, however with a totally different pharmacodynamic; it is a signal transducer stimulating the heart metabolism, reducing Angiotensin II. Strophanthin is working through the ubiquitous Natrium-Potassium Pump on different levels: it reduces Calcium content, higher fatty acids oxidation, diminishes lactic acid concentration in the heart, reduces noradrenalin production in heart neuronal cells, limiting thus Sympathicon activity and sustaining Parasympathicotonia; this helps blood vessels (arteries) to relax and dilate and sustain a better blood circulation. It regulates blood pressure, either reducing hypertonia or increasing hypotonia.

From 1875 until 1990 STROPHANTHIN was the medication of first choice for heart attack or heart disorders such as Tachycardia, Angina pectoris, High blood pressure (HBP), Heart Arrhythmia:

  • 1000 patients in German, Italian and Brazilian hospitals were treated with Strophanthin to prevent heart attack, best lifesaving therapy documented during the years 1975 – 1987
  • Germany Coal mining: heart attacks sunk from 8 deaths in 3 years down to zero in 10 years with Strophanthin therapy
  • Angina pectoris: 146 patients from 148 got pain free after only 2 weeks Strophanthin
  • Acute Angina pectoris in emergency room: 85% of patients pain free after 5-10 min Strophanthin orally administrated
  • Double blind study against Placebo: Strophanthin therapy leads to significant improvements in ECG, Angina pectoris Seizures, HBP reduction
  • Heart insufficiency: Strophanthin lowers heart beat frequency and blood pressure, increases heart activity together with better mobility and endurance performances
  • Arteriosclerosis: therapy with Strophanthin with excellent results and improvements
  • No toxicity or side effects known

Last but not least: all therapeutic claims made in this and previous presentations, as well all cited clinical studies were performed with STROPHANTHIN in a concentrated form, with min. 1-3 mg per tablet, even up to 7 mg/tablet. All homeopathic Strophanthin remedies available commercially are not concentrated enough to secure the prevention of a heart attack, or treat other cardiac conditions. Moreover, homeopathic remedies are helping only over a short period of time, thereafter their therapeutic power significantly diminishes due to the well-known “habituation effect” for all homeopathic remedies.

Strophanthin is a heart elixir, a lifesaving insurance, a natural product available for everyone here: You can procure in USA and Canada Strophanthin in concentrated form only here:

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