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I want to guide you to an understanding of diseases, free of fear and panic, joyful and confident because there is always a healing of your illness.


  • Respect the body intelligence and work with the body according to its innate programming to fix itself
  • Supply needed body-compatible nutritional elements as found in nature
  • Encourage energy production or, provide body compatible energy
  • The self-correcting principle is the body heals itself, we have an internal self-preserving program
  • The dynamic restorative balance; good health requests a dynamic restorative re-balancing act, which is based on the intelligent design of human body
  • The Disease principle; diseases are the result of an insufficient, disturbed self-recovery process or a lack of energy of the innate restorative force. If you cannot bounce back from an “insult”, strong emotion, or traumatic psycho-event, the first step toward diseases was taken
  • The personal vulnerability principle; you need to know your personal vulnerabilities, try hard to correct personal vulnerabilities and thus eliminate imbalances
  • The causation principle; “this causes that”. These categorical statements are not only often wrong, but distort reality and the understanding of the etiology of imbalances and diseases
  • The principle of Feeling better vs. Getting better which last target
  • The unseen insult principle; the kind of things unbalancing you are mostly invisible. The largest potatoes pushing you back to disease is Stress, psycho-stress
  • The back-up principle or Plan B; every part of our body is important, there are no vestigial organs. However, when organs are removed we can still function, there is always a plan B due to intelligent contingency plans put into effect for our survival
  • A symptom such as pain or dysfunction manifested at point A rarely originates there
  • Infections are never the root cause of Disease; microbes are present to bio-remediate the tissue but are not causative
  • Food cravings are legitimate attempts of the intelligent body to balance itself, they are not evil. Herbs are strong remedies and strong foods

If you respect these principles you will help your body to self-heal everything; otherwise, you are its enemy or “offended” owner who never can forgive and forget, the warrior who fights all “external invaders”, such as the microbes.

The greatest wealth is your health; the four steps how you get sick and how you heal any disease, I call it Quadriga of Health and here are the “four horses” for you:

  1. Continuous education: pay attention to your body and learn how it reacts to different stressors, learn about your options and how things in your body work; try to better understand how you get sick and how you can support your body to self-heal, you are the best doctor. Learn from nature, plants and animals, be humble, good and loving to yourself
  2. Forgive and Forget: every disease is triggered by a shocking, unexpected, strong psychological – emotional event. The associated emotions and feelings to this traumatic event are stored in the brain, forming concentric ring-shaped edemas. The brain edema location always depends on the type of conflict and ontogenetically associated organ. The brain electrical signals emerging from this brain edema dysregulate the ANS, hormonal system, the organ’s biochemistry and physiological function. The cells in the affected organ lose their polarity, cellular communication is shut-down, membrane potential is decreasing and thus cells are not getting enough nutrients and cannot excrete cellular metabolites. You are sick and degenerative chronic diseases do affect your life quality. To reverse diseases, you must solve the initial psychological emotional conflict which triggered the illness and one of the easiest way of doing this is to forgive and forget the culprits and the facts
  3. Eliminate Homotoxins & Rebalance ANS and Body Biochemistry: the diseased body is low in energy because non-polar cells consume more energy as all healthy cells together can produce; healthy cells work as a battery, no life energy blockages exist, while sick cells are mono-polar and consume up to 800 times the energy produced by your body. The disturbances in energy flow are Homotoxins, generated by your body metabolites, stress hormones are the worse, or are chemicals ingested, inhaled, trans dermally penetrating the body. These dysregulating factors change your basal metabolism, hinder self-healing process and therefore you must remove them by changing your life style and active detoxification. Use tools such as Med Matrix, Kindling Easy, Geno62, Aquatone, Bioscan and Biotonometer to monitor and eliminate Homotoxins.
  4. Repair tissue and energize your body: electrify your body to replenish body energy, to repolarize cells and increase cellular membrane potential, repair damaged tissue using only natural remedies such as homeopathic remedies, Herbeso/DMSO products, Strophanthin, Peptides.

Recommended & proven Therapies:

The greatest healing methods for me are those natural remedies, known since ancient times or later.  Herbs are super-remedies and super-foods and we offer many of such remedies, especially compounded with DMSO, which helps repolarize the cells and carries herbs to their destination. Check our diversified Herbeso products (more to come), our unique healer Vivid Artemisinin, the heart elixir Strophanthin.

Physiological correct therapies such as body electrification with Vegetbalance to replenish cellular energy and repolarize cells, relieve pain, beneficial treatment for chronic disease.

Restore body biochemistry and balance ANS using Geno62, Kindling Easy, Biotonometer.

Detoxify your body, eliminate cellular stressors – Homotoxins, improve body rheology using the amazing Med Matrix, home therapy device Aquatone.

The secret of medicine is to distract the patient while nature heals itself! (VOLTAIRE)


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