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Do you wonder why so many diseases such as cancer are today almost incurable (life expectancy is below 2% after chemo and radiation therapy), although more and more sophisticated medical therapies are being offered? While naturopathic therapies are more successful in treating cancer, these also do not deliver yet consistent reproducible results? Why in the 18-20 century not even one from fifty people died of cancer and since then, the curve of cancer patients and cancer deaths is exponentially increasing? We know, that we live today in a more polluted environment, filled with pesticides, chemicals, electrosmog; but even then, the figures do not add up to show the catastrophic situation with the therapies for cancer and chronic degenerative diseases in general.


The answer is obviously emerging from the following rule, which was experimentally proven: all diseases including cancers are meaningful biological programs aimed to trigger your attention to solve a conflicting situation disturbing your whole life; therefore, the root causes of cancer are psycho-emotional conflict(s), which are serious, dramatic and isolating conflict-shock experiences. These conflicts trigger and manifest simultaneously on three levels, psyche, brain and organ(s). When the conflict-shock occurs, a “cellular short circuit” happens in a pre-determined place of the brain, where cells lose their bipolarity, energy does not flow through anymore, membrane potential is decreasing degenerating those cells; this can be monitored and photographed with computed-tomography (CT). Simultaneously with the brain foci formation, the organ controlled by that specific brain centre registers anatomic, physiological, and functional transformation. This transformation can manifest as a growth (tumors), as tissue loss (ulcers or cancer equivalents) or as organ’s malfunction.

This unanticipated, biologically shocking event can happen at any time in your everyday lives and it determines which cancer, or cancer equivalent disease will make you sick. No illness, except trauma poisoning, major accidents, or iatrogenic diseases, can occur without a shock or unanticipated event. The reason why specific conflicts are indissolubly tied up to specific brain areas, which are the relays of specific organs, are that during our historical evolution, each part of the brain was programmed to respond instantly to conflicts that could threaten our survival. While the “old brain” (brainstem and cerebellum) is programmed with basic survival issues that relate to breathing, eating, or reproduction, the “new brain” (cerebral medulla and cerebral cortex) is encoded with more advanced themes such as territorial conflicts, separation conflicts, identity conflicts, and self-devaluation conflicts.

Usually a conflict active phase triggering the cancer manifest with few soft symptoms; however, the major and more dramatic symptoms appear when the conflict was going into resolution and the body started its healing phase. Then, wrongly enough, you go to see a doctor and most of health care givers will trigger new life-threatening conflicts due to their brutal cancer diagnosis and prognoses; this mistake may cost your life and reverse your healing process, may lead to a body mutilation, may chemically toxify and burn your body, you did it wrong, stay home and your surviving chances will increase significantly!!

The major body to repair the cancerous damaged tissue(s) and reestablish the optimal functionality of the affected organs is done by your organism and its own helpers, microbes, fungi, viruses. Nonetheless, good doctors can help you too, if they have the knowledge and some of the very good tools we offer:

  • Soften the symptoms and pain, secure a healing process without fatal and critical incidents, manage properly the associated symptoms: use our unique cancer fighter Vivid Artemisinin, DMSO – Herbeso products, manipulate cellular membrane potential and polarity with unique galvanic therapy device Vegetbalance, Aquatone, Triomed CGI
  • Re-establish cellular communication, adjust body correct biochemistry, harmonize day-night rhythm between vagotonia and sympathicotonia by using the sound and ultrasound healing genius Geno62
  • Eliminate toxins and energetic blockages with the amazing detoxification – bioresonance system Med Matrix and improve body fluids rheology with Aquatone Advanced
  • Replenish the intestinal microbial flora, combat lactic acidosis: change nutrition, use the right supplements for you, apply DCA therapy
  • Train ANS for an optimal auto-regulative activity: nothing easier when using the bioresonance automated system Kindling Easy and the live ANS monitoring device Biotonometer and Bioscan

A cancer therapy that always works must address all stressors which trigger and control your cancer: psychological conflict is the major trigger, nervous system is the control tower, organ and tissue are local cancer manifestation, general lifestyle is the epigenetic factor which is more important than the genetic factor (max. 2%). You must educate yourself to better understand what is happening in your body, which symptoms you must expect, which are the phases of your diseases and finally to accept the right therapy well knowing your options. Cancer as all other diseases are biologically meaningful processes to help solve problems of your life!! There is no cancer which cannot be healed, and the single cancer therapy that works must support your body natural way of healing!

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