Geno62 is a unique sound and ultrasound therapy device of the third generation, powering the self-healing abilities of the body. It increases the cellular membrane potential, helps repolarize the sick cells, removes energy blockages, reduces inflammations, fights infections and relieves pain; the soothing of symptoms is a result of the deep healing process taking place when applying Geno62.


Geno62 therapy software uses only digital frequencies compatible with biological cells. The life processes happen all in “parallel” and not sequential, not one after another, which is the same to say, “analog vibrations” are not specific for living beings; the key opens the body only when, and if all key profiles match at the same time the locked door (metaphoric). To secure a perfect audio accuracy of the playing frequencies all frequencies are in WAV-Audio-Format and not MP3 which introduces acoustic distortions.

The therapy programs are pre-recorded on four SD cards, Yellow, Green, and two Red. Each SD card delivers different digitalized sound frequencies which are carried into the body by ultrasound vibrations. Therefore, all four cards have two ultrasound frequencies options: Buddha and Volcano

  • 44KHz corresponds to Buddha, it is calming & relaxing the mind and body
  • 88KHz corresponds to Volcano, it is energizing, powering & stimulating the body

Pre-recorded major acoustic frequencies combinations are:

  • 62 chemical elements, the constituents of living cells to adjust body’s biochemistry
  • Vibrations necessary to balance the autonomic nervous system(ANS) and central nervous system (CNS)
  • Frequencies for different organs impairments, specific health conditions
  • Frequencies of psychosomatic wellbeing and stress relief
  • Cancer therapy support

All clients who bought already Geno62 and received three of SD cards, please add the forth SD card for Lyme disease and infectious diseases.

Health therapy indications: Geno62 is a typical overall health therapy device and can help in numerous health conditions. Here we enumerate only some of them: wellbeing, Reactivation of mitochondrial energy, cellular detoxification, emotional and psychosomatic balance, stress relief, ANS and CNS balance, regression of edemas and inflammations, clearance of parasites and infectious pathogens, epigenetic burdens rebalancing, organs chronic and acute impairments, pain relief, hormonal imbalances harmonization, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular therapy, joints and bone problems, immune system boost and much more.

In this video we present clinical results after using Geno62 in a Cantonal Swiss hospital for two months. Their final conclusions are:

  • Approximately 80% of all applications with the Geno62 have shown significant therapy effects
  • Metabolic conditions did improve
  • Help in acute conditions
  • Therapy effects have usually occurred within a few hours or days
  • Systemic effects like reduction of blood glucose in diabetes
  • Faster wound healing, reduction of inflammations and pain relief
  • The worse the health condition was, the more significant was the therapy effect

“Overall, more positive results have been achieved with Geno62 within two months than with all our other apparatuses, such as Ultrasound, Electrotherapy, Laser, etc. The positive effects were tremendous, unbelievable, real miracles”

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