Today everybody lives in a dangerous, polluted environment, full of toxins which penetrate your body by inhalation, ingestion, radiation, transdermally. Toxins are stored in connective tissue and are further transported through the lymphatic and blood stream to different organs, impairing and affecting their functionality.

There is a simple method how to determine which are the toxins you are exposed to and which toxins do plague your body: Electroacupuncture according Doctor Voll (EAV), also known as electrodermal screening (EDS). EAV is a functional diagnosis technique for detecting health disorders and the multiple causes of chronic diseases by measuring the skin resistance at acupuncture points.


Functional Problems:

  • Allergies
  • Food intolerance
  • Material compatibility (for ex. Dental)
  • Focal points (infections, bleeding)
  • Blockings of enzyme systems
  • Micro poisoning (Intoxication)
  • Side effects of allopathic drugs or medical procedures
  • Impairments from vaccines
  • Residuals of diseases or viruses (microbiology)
  • Inherited debilities

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses acupuncture for centuries to diagnose and treat different health conditions. Electroacupuncture does the same, but it is a needle less, noninvasive procedure developed by the German Doctor R. Voll. Instead of using needles like in TCM, EAV measures the modification of skin resistivity or skin impedance at specific acupuncture points.

Acupuncture points (AP) are little holes in the fascia of about four-square millimeter, situated underneath the skin layer. On (AP) the skin conductivity is different, and it rapidly changes with the signals received from connective tissue matrix. Acupuncture points are located on different meridians like in TCM, which are connected to different organs.

When a very subtle current is being applied on (AP) using a testing probe, the signals measured at different (AP) can be in the normal range, then the organs connected to those meridians and (AP) are healthy and function well.

The network of autonomic nervous system (ANS) is linked to the sweating glands sensitively reacting to sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves response. In case of organic dysfunctions, the ANS control process will over-react against stimuli applied through the probe.

Normal measurements values are between 50 and 60, while pathological readings are below or above the normal range when applying a subtle electrical current:

1) Allergic irritation (all)                                   > 70

2) Inflammation (infectious)                         > 70 + Drop indicator

3) Degeneration                                                 < 50

4) Low indicator drop                                      4-7 lines

5) High indicator drop                                     > 8 lines

6) Normal reading on a healthy AP          50-60

You can routinely measure 40 AP (End Points), 56 AP (Control Measurement points) or 120 AP (Recommended AP profile).

When testing allergies, food, dental materials compatibility, you introduce sequentially in the body electrical circuit (measured between probe and the hand electrode hold by the patient) different allergens, food, dental materials, medication; these will change the electrical circuit response at different (AP). Thus, the readings will be in normal range, if the body does not have a reaction to the allergen, food, etc., or it will respond with a pathological signal, if the allergy, food, medication do affect the function of one or more organs. There are about 5-7 (AP) used to measure allergies:

  • Most important (AP) for Lymph system are (Ly3), (Ly1-2), (Ly1) and all three are indicating burdens such as Heavy Metals, Mercury, Dental Amalgam, Aromatic hydrocarbons and derivative of Benzene
  • Most important (AP) for degenerative nervous system is (Nd 1a) indicating burdens such as Pollen, Toxins, Narcotics, Fungus, Environmental pollutants
  • Most important (AP) for allergies are (Al1b) and (Al1) indicating burdens such as Food intolerance, Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Geopathic stress
  • Most important (AP) for small intestine is (SI1b) indicating burdens such as Autointoxication, different Contaminants
  • Hypothalamus (AP) should be measured for establishing the severity of the allergies

EAV is a measurement routine with a high safety level during the application delivering comparable results which allow an easy diagnosis and a scientific analysis of the health profile of the patient. We do carry different EAV devices such as Akuport M2 and Vistron which can be used with or without an EAV software.

The software (Homopath) automatically indicates pathological readings and gives hints for an approach to the treatment. Homopath software is coming with over 60000 pre-recorded homeopathic remedies, nosodes, sarcodes. With Vistron and Homopath software you can create the customized remedies necessary to eliminate allergies, know and exclude food sensitivity, discern which medication is best form you and much more. For a safe and healthy life, you must navigate with a permanent care to avoid intoxications, wrong nutrition, a latent deterioration of your health. We recommend and train people and doctors in using EAV and our tools to best achieve these targets.

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