DMSO is the newest twenty-first century’s healing drug with a very wide range of health benefits, acting as a holistic ingredient which brings whole body cellular functions back to normal. It has a battered thirty years history sowing miraculous examples of healing of many acute and chronic health conditions, sometimes with unbelievable effects. It was many times demonstrated that DMSO is not toxic and its therapy profile is unquestionable. DMSO has the largest number of uses ever documented for a single chemical described in over 30000 indexes in the U.S. National library of Medicine (

  • DMSO promotes excretion of urine; many patients with different urinary disorders were successfully treated with DMSO: Peyronie’s disease, interstitial cystitis (single treatment still today approved by FDA), acute epididymitis
  • DMSO boosts immune system, increasing production of white cells and macrophages
  • DMSO has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties
  • DMSO increases permeability of cells’ membrane, allowing toxins to flush
  • DMSO has radioprotective properties against lethal and mutagenic effects of X rays
  • DMSO inhibits cholinesterase enzyme from breaking down acetylcholine, one of the most important neurotransmitters
  • DMSO is the best heavy metals detoxifier (binds to Aluminum, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, Nickel and eliminates them via urination and sweating
  • FDA approved DMSO for preservation of stem cells, bone marrow cells and organs for transplant, as well as for therapy of interstitial cystitis and cancer radiation protection
  • DMSO is an effective pain killer, blocking nerves conducting pain signals
  • DMSO reduces inflammations and swelling
  • DMSO improves blood supply to injured area by dilating blood vessels and reducing blood viscosity
  • DMSO increases delivery of oxygen to the cells
  • DMSO is the most potent radical’s scavengers known to man, transporting these substances through excretory ways
  • DMSO penetrates the skin and blood brain barrier with ease, enters the bloodstream
  • DMSO protects the cells from mechanical damages, it needs a fraction of time
  • DMSO has a calming effect in CNS
  • DMSO brilliantly acts as a carrier for all other drugs, supplements and it potentiates their effects; for ex. corticoids, antibiotics and insulin are showing less undesirable effects and can be used in smaller quantities


Lyra Nara offers a peerless line of DMSO natural products, all containing 50% ultra-pure pharmaceutical grade DMSO (99.995%) blended with different herb extracts, essential oils or other natural remedies to help heal your suffering. The components were selected and blended in a proportion to achieve the most suitable composition for best health effects. All products are 100% NATURAL and contain NO ADDITIVES. With Herbeso you will achieve better and faster therapy results, risks and side effects free.

We will interactively guide you how to use Herbeso products until you will reach the desired health effects. For an extra charge of USD 80 we can compound a new fully customized Herbeso product to best match your health needs. Optional, we also offer valuable scans before, during and after Herbeso therapy.

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