Health care costs for gastro-intestinal diseases went over USD 145 billion alone in USA in 2015.  Every second person older than 40 years has one or multiple gastro-intestinal (GI) disorders. Gastrointestinal system (GI) is the central station to prepare the necessary nutrients and to generate enough life energy to keep the auto-regulation ongoing.

Digestive organs build the “physiological bridge” between psycho-emotional stressors and all other organs; GI organs communicate through meridians with all organs and with the encephalon; 80% of signals received in the brain are from the gut. In GI system are trapped a lot of emotions in form of gases and fluids (inflammations); therefore, we recommend to permanently cleanse your negative emotions like worries, anger, grief, disputes, psychological conflicts, which are “indigestible morsels”. Due to its complexity, it is very difficult to keep GI in a healthy state and it is recommended to evaluate and scan all GI organs once per year.

In this video we analyze in detail the methods to diagnose correctly GI organs disorders and recommend best and proven therapy methods.

Most suitable to scan GI organs are EDS, Vega, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, CT.

Best methods to treat GI organs are Bioresonance, Systemic Functional Bioresonance (SFB), Homeopathy, Herbal medicine, psychosomatic therapy.

The best method to prevent GI organs disorders and to support the healing process is a correct nutrition. Convert your metabolism from a carbohydrates metabolism into an essential fatty acids (EFA) metabolism (ketogenic diet) and practice monthly several days of intermittent fasting. Every 1-2 weeks flush your colon (using coffee enema as this is also flushing your gallbladder).

Collagen is the most abundant protein and the basic building block in human body. Collagen is a semiconducting electronic network, it contains Silica as major component and silica is a semiconductive material. Acupuncture meridians are primary channels through the living matrix, enabling a high-speed communication between all cells and organs of the body. Acupuncture points are little holes in the fascia (collagen matrix).

Electroacupuncture (EAV), known also as Electrodermal screening (EDS) and Vega Testing are the most suitable modalities to diagnose GI disorders. With EDS you can determine energetic blockages on meridians and with Vega Testing it is easy to detect the impaired organs involved in GI diseases. For EDS testing we recommend Akuport M2 or Vistron with Homopath Software.

For many decades practitioners and doctors trusted the test results generated by Vega method technique. Vega testing is a synthesis between TCM acupuncture, EAV/EDS electroacupuncture and a very specific organ testing methodology. Test Expert Plus (TEP), a state of the art holistic diagnostic device, measures body impedance and develops a synergistic dialog with all other organs. The principle is very simple: when an interfering field, an electromagnetic disturbance (toxin, allergen, bacteria, stress, etc.), was introduced in the circuit between device and patient, bioimpedance changes occur and these are manifested in the measured values. You can precisely determine the root causes versus the symptoms effects.

VEGATEST method was modulated into Test Expert Plus to enhance accuracy and efficiency.  Measuring and comparing readings in normal and energetically induced excited state, is a prerequisite today for a modern bioenergetic diagnostic device of the latest generation.

Dr. Ludwig, one of Bioresonance pioneer, wrote in 1998: “The key to understand Bioresonance lies in the knowing and understanding the fact that all vital processes in the organism are influenced and controlled by vibrations. This process is fundamentally superordinate to the biochemical process.”

When two vibrations of the same frequency combine, the two waves add together to form a new composite wave, the new wave amplitude is the sum of the amplitudes of the two waves and this is a homeopathic therapy.

When two vibrations of the same frequency are opposed by 180 degrees in their amplitude, then one wave cancels the other wave; this is the principle of bioresonance therapy, to neutralize and annihilate pathogens vibrations by using their inverted frequencies.

Learn in tis video how to correctly measure the energetic state of GI meridians and how to determine organs’ impairment along with the most suitable treatment methods using bioresonance and homeopathy. A rich and professional accurate content, almost a seminar, this video is a valuable tool for doctors and patients.

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