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In this video we present the real causes of prostate diseases, with a highlight on prostate cancer.

We further describe different therapy modalities with clear recommendations for holistic, non invasive, risk free therapies.

As with all other health conditions, the triggers for prostate conditions are always linked to specific manifested psycho-emotional conflicts related to procreation of descendants and mating.

In Asian and African regions people live more anchored in traditional family life and men and women are facing less traumatic psycho events related to “their tribe”; the incidence of prostate cancer is significantly lower than in Western Europe and North America.

Often the prostate cancer is a result of diagnosing methods such as PSA, which is not relevant enough for prostate cancer.

Prostate biopsy comes with numerous side effects such as urination and/or ejaculation with bleeding,  local prostate injuries, spread of cancerous cells, other cancers due to the shocking cancer diagnose.

To really cure  prostate cancer you must apply the holistic treatments presented in this video concomitantly on psycho-emotional level (resolving the biological conflict), on bioenergetic and physical level. Only this way you can remove the root causes avoiding cancer relapses and will restore the tissue and full functionality of prostate.


So remember:

Prostate cancer is not a life threatening condition if you understand the underlaying psycho-emotional conflict which triggers prostate disorders including prostate cancer.

There is no real cure of prostate cancer without first solving the biological conflict, followed by tissue repair using different procedures as mentioned in this video.

Diagnosing methods such as PSA and Prostate biopsy are not recommended as prostate cancer diagnose; use modern diagnosing methods such as Doppler ultrasound or PCA3 genetic test instead.

If you believe in conventional therapy methods, choose those which do not impact your life quality: ECT, IRE, RFA and do not go ahead with chemo, radiation, hormonal castration; however none of these procedures will be a final cure for a prostate cancer, so far as you did not resolve the underlying psycho-emotional conflict related to procreation, descendants, mating.

For prostate gland cancer, symptoms appear during the biological conflict active phase while for prostate ducts cancer (ulceration) the symptoms are stronger and appear during the healing phase.

Prostate cancer is a slowly developing cancer and it may be more beneficial for you not to start running to hospitals and clinics and get treatments which may shorten your life expectancy and for sure will aggravate your psycho-emotional conflict and health condition.

Change your lifestyle, harmonize your relationship in the family, understand and accept the aging process, do not panic, and self-devaluate yourself, you can heal only from your inside power; call us if you need HELP!!

The holistic therapy products mentioned in the video can be found here:

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