Mobile Diagnostic Systems

MOBILE ANS DIAGNOSIS – Modern, Efficient, Accurate, Scientifically validated

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is the control tower of all organs and their functions, the auto-regulative foundation to keep you alive. ANS Analysis becomes though the indispensable tool for a health life.

Unique in its features, ANS Analysis is a modern and efficient portable (mobile) system which cannot be missing when working in health clinics to support an accurate diagnostic and help patients in acute and chronic conditions.

There is no other tool more sensitive and accurate to determine the ANS status along with its implications on your general health condition, evaluate the therapy efficiency, check out the compatibility with a given medication, to prevent acute incidents.

ANS Analysis as well as the displayed parameters were validated in concordance with international medical norms based on thousands of tested patients.

ANS has a history with over 10 years on top of the diagnostic tools worldwide, now finally also in North America exclusively available at Lyra Nara. Listen to our presentation today, learn more about ANS Analysis!


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