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Mainstream cancer research still maintains that cancer is caused by viral infections or genetic mutations. But despite billions of dollars spent on cancer research over the last decades, the number of deaths has not diminished but increased.

These devastating results bring up the question whether the whole theory behind what causes cancer is wrong. And if so, is there a proven alternative cancer theory that has been put forward. Turns out there is, and it was put forward already three decades ago by a renowned medical doctor from Germany, Dr. Alfons Weber. Dr. Weber did not only theorize but was able to document meticulously through video microscopy that cancer is caused by a micro-parasitical infection process.

  • Weber’s work is based on thousands of biological in vitro and in vivo experiments with tissues and blood samples collected from cancer patients during their life and even after their death; ALL of these blood and tissue tests confirmed the micro-parasitic infection
  • Weber’s work about plasmodial parasitic origin of cancer is exceptionally well and accurately documented; he filmed live many of his tests and blood sample measurements in different cancer phases

Dr. Weber’s theory has been widely supported by many studies and experiments done by renowned biologists and doctors such as Robert Koch, Pasteur, Tamara Lebedewa, Microbiology Max von Pettenkofer Institute, today part of Medicine University in München/Germany, Dr. Alan Cantwell (MDUSA), Prof. Dr. Peter Duesburg, Sir Henry Britlin (UK), Wilhelm Reich etc.

In this video we show you amazing video evidence of this theory including how the micro-parasites look like, what their life cycle is and how they proliferate and can ultimately cause cancer. At the end of the video you also get to see some simple experiments you can perform in your practice to see for yourself.


The good news is that if your organism is in perfect balance, it can easily deal with those micro-parasites and keep them in check. But for that you must avoid stress, poisons, radiation, EMF, and have a healthy diet and good supplementation. It also means that you can heal cancer by taking care of the infection in a holistic, natural way. The best proven solutions to achieve that can be found at LYRANARA.COM & LYRANARA.ME.

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