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More and more people struggle with their health conditions and are unhappy with the health care services received. Many of them try to medicate themselves, facing either unsatisfactory treatment results, risk or side effects. In our Newsletters we offer an educational platform for the patients seeking help at their end and taking their health issues in their own hands. In this sense we present today two amazing bioenergetic therapy devices: Aquatone Advanced and Triomed.

There is no “miracle Panacea Pill” healing your diseases instantly; the cure of all health issues takes time, normally as long as it took you to get sick with it. To accelerate your healing process, you must treat all three levels of the body: the physical body, (muscular-skeletal structure, posture, fitness), the energetic body (energy around the cells and their interactions or resonances with the environment, the biochemical reactions) and the informational body (psycho-emotional profile, thoughts and general state of mind, habits, beliefs).

How did you get sick? We answered many times this question: thoughts and emotions associated with feelings are the initial triggers, these are stored in the limbic system and after some days only the limbic system communicates the “issues” to the autonomic nervous system (ANS). ANS is the control tower of all organs and their functions which are maintained healthy through auto-regulative mechanisms. Once the body auto-regulation does not work properly, you are chronic sick and many times this goes into a morbid state when multiple chronic conditions are manifesting at the same time.

Are there one or more complementing methods to initiate the healing and auto-regulative processes without risks, side effects and avoid critical situations such as Herxheimer reaction? Among other solutions we presented already in our videos and Newsletters, the answer today is: Aquatone and Triomed.

Aquatone and Triomed emit very weak body-resonating vibrations, therefore both devices are some of the most effective methods for improving the body’s auto-regulation mechanisms. The effectiveness of these devices comes from their ability to correct rheology of body fluids, such as blood, lymph and restore cell membranes and cell communication – which is paramount for the self-regulating mechanisms.

Aquatone technology enables the individual to easily deal with a multitude of health issues; it is incredibly effective and very easy to use at home. Aquatone device emits very weak, but very fast vibrating electromagnetic waves, known as non-ionizing Radiowaves, the life waves as all living bodies emit and receive this kind of frequencies. Aquatone restructures the water molecules in connective matrix. The new hexagonal structured water molecules go easily into resonance with the sick cells around, the effect being a repolarization of sick cells and regression of energetic blockages.

Another home therapy device we recommend is Triomed CGI, which emits very weak electromagnetic waves going into resonance with the body’s own electromagnetic waves. Triomed works like a harmonizer of intracellular and extracellular informational communications, restoring cellular membrane permeability; the body is awakening its innate ability to heal itself. Triomed also works as a tuning fork for cell membranes, which entirely or partly regain their ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients.

Triomed and Aquatone complement each other perfectly; Triomed helps the cells to increase energy and membrane potential improving thus the cell communication, and Aquatone improves the effectiveness of the biochemical processes at cellular level responsible for auto-regulation.

Learn more in this presentation about two complementing bioenergetic therapy devices with amazing curative effects such as: anti-tumor, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, pain and stress relief, cellular communication harmonization, detoxification of the connective tissue matrix and inner organs, mental clarity.


Scientifically proven in hundreds of studies, affordable, portable, easy to operate at home or in clinics, SPA resorts, nursing homes, with Aquatone Advanced and Triomed CGI you will feel immediately the therapy effects, the new quality of life and wellbeing. These devices are exclusively sold at

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