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A cancer therapy that works must address the real causes, all stressors and triggers and cannot deal only with the symptoms by eliminating THE TUMORS. Which are the main cancer triggers, the real causes?

  1. Psycho-emotional conflict is always the starting point
  2. Autonomic nervous system (ANS) is the control tower of all inner organs and the regulative instance of your organs’ functions
  3. Hormones are the messengers transporting signals between cells (cell communication)
  4. Organs and tissue’ growth, tumors, or ulcers (cell loss) are the local cancer manifestations, the body’s defense reaction
  5. Your general lifestyle is the epigenetic factor. It is more important than the genetic factor (max. 2%)
  6. Different micro-parasites (protozoa, plasmodial type) are coming into play and contribute to an aggravation of cancer & general health condition (see our previous videos about microparasites). Other micro-organisms such as tuberculin bacteria can be helpers destroying the tumors during the healing phase

People who believe in a “miracle therapy or super-drug” and doctors who apply surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation ONLY, are not going to succeed in their cancer therapy, be it allopathic or naturopathic. A correct and successful cancer therapy must address the following three levels:

  • Informational (epigenetic and psycho-emotional conflicts, beliefs)
  • Energetic (ANS, Hormonal, mitochondria ATP production, cells membrane potential, cells polarity)
  • Physical level (deep detoxification, tissue repair, restoration of the organs’ full functionality)


If cancer starts with a psycho-emotional traumatic conflict, you must start your therapy with the conflict resolution. The resolution of conflict always depends on the individual circumstances and conflict type. Since the healing symptoms are proportional to the intensity and the duration of the conflict-active phase, you must resolve the conflict as soon as possible. Resolve the conflict by changing your life circumstances, live a healthy life style, apply the simple technique FORGIVE & FORGET the culprit(s), use more advanced technique such subliminal hypnosis.

If a conflict cannot be resolved just in time due to life constraints, or because of its emotional intensity, downgrading the conflict is a life saving important step. Reducing an intense conflict, for example, through finding partial resolutions, a change of attitude, or distraction, decreases the symptoms on the organ level, for instance, the size of a tumor.

Women sense their emotions in the breast, therefore breast cancer is a biological process triggered by a psycho-emotional shocking conflict like:

  • For glandular breast cancer the conflict is related to worries and disputes, altercations in the nest (children, husband, parents, good friends, pets)
  • For ductal breast cancer the conflict is a separation related to children, mate, mother, grandparents, friends, pets, relationships that are emotionally sensed by the women involved

Consistent with male’s vital role in reproduction, the biological psycho-emotional conflict linked to the prostate diseases concerns THE PROCREATION; this function is very sensitive to emotional events in male’s life such as:

  • He is unable to father children, for instance, due to erectile dysfunction or infertility, female partner’s infertility
  • A vasectomy (surgical sterilization) of the male
  • Male’s descendants don’t reproduce, because of a homosexual orientation, staying childless by choice, miscarriages, or abortions
  • Mating conflict, “not being able to mate” or “not being allowed to mate” translates into sexual rejection and feeling sexually unwanted. Mating conflicts are activated through the loss of a sexual mate or through sexual rivalry such as the “fight over a female”. A man’s fear that his sexual mate is attracted to another man could already trigger the conflict, especially when the competitor is younger or has more “potential”
  • Gender conflict can be experienced as an “ugly conflict with a female”. Being dominated, controlled, or humiliated by a woman (an imperious wife or mother), or degraded by a female authority (supervisor, judge, lawyer, doctor, police officer, and the like) can go straight to a man’s prostate
  • A spiteful divorce, custody battles, emotional or financial abuse are other possible conflict scenarios

Today we present our new DMSO compounded products to support breast and prostate cancer therapy. All products are 100% NATURAL and contain NO ADDITIVES such as soy, gluten, sugar, etc. Your therapy can take place at home with, No risks or side effects. We will interactively guide you how to use our unique DMSO products until you will reach the desired health effects.

To help solve your psycho-emotional conflict(s), to find your inner peace, to dissipate your anxiety, fears, panic, confusions, regain a restful sleep and replenish your energy we infused our new DMSO products with different frequencies acting on your psycho-emotional level. This new technique is unique and was developed by Lyra Nara!

To address the bioenergetic level, reactivate and support the auto-regulation process controlled by ANS, thus to reactivate the self-healing potential, we blended in DMSO 99.995% our unique VIVID ARTEMISININ. Why did we choose this combination?

DMSO is the most polar molecule on this planet with extraordinary solvent properties and we use it to facilitate the deep penetration in all tissues and to reactivate the cells’ repolarization process. DMSO is the best carrier of a substance such as Vivid Artemisinin with many times proven cytostatic properties.

It is known, that iron accumulates in cancerous cells due to special receptors that help tumor cells to proliferate (transferrin receptors). These receptors are targeted by the Vivid artemisinin. Artemisinin’s transferrin receptors are activated through cleavage of oxygen-oxygen peroxide bond in the presence of iron(II) oxide; in this way Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are generated. ROS kills cancer cells

Flavonoids found in Artemisia green leaves have been linked to suppression of CYP450 enzymes responsible for altering the absorption and metabolism of artemisinin in the body. Flavonoids have been linked to a beneficial immunomodulatory activity in subjects afflicted with microparasitic infections such as malaria, toxoplasmosis, and chronic diseases or cancer.

Our Vivid Artemisinin is a natural extract without any additives; our unique extraction method produces a concentration in Artemisinin of more than 25%, with an unbeatable bioactivity of over 98%. This is unparalleled so far, as all other alcohol or glycerin extracts and other encapsulated commercially Artemisinin products available on the market contain max. 0.5% – 2% Artemisinin and their bioactivity is very poor. Vivid Artemisinin is not only 25 times more concentrated, but it carries all the other natural compounds of Artemisia plant like flavonoids, making this plant such a powerful tumor killer. Our extraction method enables to retain all the plant’s powerful natural ingredients in their UNOXIDIZED form. You can see this by the color. Our extract is grassy green while the other available extracts have a brownish color.

The new DMSO products to support breast and prostate health are:

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