Mobile Diagnostic Systems


We live in truly amazing times. Thanks to advanced technologies we can monitor our health easily and quickly at home and prevent diseases.

Let me introduce you to one of the most advanced health monitoring systems available on the market today. Originally developed to monitor the health of astronauts, the ROFES system brings you this advanced technology at an extremely affordable price in a contemporary, easy-to-use, portable package.

ROFES is designed to systematically monitor your health and the health of your beloved ones. It allows you to discover and avoid in advance health problems which could cause diseases. You can use it to regulate the impacts of health-damaging habits, poor diet, the intake of inappropriate medicines, etc. Overall, ROFES testing is an indispensable method for dynamic control of your health, and it aims to create the conditions for physical, mental and social well-being.

Anyone can use the device, regardless of their level of education.

With the ROFES system you can:

  • Care for your family & friends
  • Find out about health problems before they fully express themselves. Symptoms usually occur at a time when it is already necessary to see a doctor.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of food supplements you take.
  • Find out how bad habits, bad working conditions or other external damaging factors impact your body.
  • Save time and money. It allows you to determine your body’s overall health, testing 17 organs and systems, and your psycho-emotional state within just 3 minutes.
  • Choose a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Monitor the efficiency of sports activities and determine the optimal workload for your body.

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