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Too high / too low blood pressure is a symptom not a disease. Blood pressure and all cardiac disorders are an expression of different imbalances related to our lifestyle:

  • Chemical imbalances (nutrition, hydration, smoking, alcohol, heavy metals, toxins, drugs medication, sugar and wheat poisoning)
  • Emotional imbalances (stress, depression, trauma, psychological shock, burned out syndrome)
  • Physical imbalances (age, family history, medical conditions, lack of physical exercise, overweight, kidney conditions, hormonal imbalances)

Most of cardiovascular disorders are a result of blood imbalances and only a few are caused by real damages to the heart cells, blood vessels (arteriosclerosis) efficacy in transporting blood, kidney health, stress.

Blood is characterized by a specific chemical composition, a strict pH range, content of carbon dioxide (CO2) in blood; blood viscosity is mainly controlled by the degree of hydration, blood electrolytes content such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium, blood toxicity (pH) and microbiology. Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration controls the blood vessels’ perfusion and dilation.

When stressors cause the CNS to change its biochemistry, the first reaction will be to constrict the blood vessels to reduce the flow of CO2; this is felt as chest tightness, can’t catch my breath, short breath, hyperventilation. This is many times wrongly diagnosed as asthma.

When blood vessels are constricted above their normal level, the heart must increase the pumping energy to compensate for this additional friction forces, this is felt as high blood pressure (HBP).

The CNS and ANS, the body’s control towers will trigger you to hold your breath to accumulate more CO2 (apnea at night); these patterns are detrimental to heart activity and result in increased blood pressure.

In this video we answer the question how to manage your blood pressure naturally, inexpensively and without side effects, so you can avoid further complications.

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