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In North America every 90 seconds a death occurs due to heart conditions. Yearly we spend over 70 Billion USD on cardiovascular diseases.

In the last 15 years more and more, young people are being affected by cardiovascular disorders. The life span in the medium age segment of 45-55 has sunk by 11 years due to cardiovascular issues; every forth individual around 40 years of age has a heart attack.

In the USA over 600,000 people die yearly because of heart conditions and one quarter of them is younger than 65. 50% of early retired people are forced into retirement because of cardiovascular problems. Heart attack is today the number one cause of death.

Why are these numbers on the rise? We are supposed to have the best medical solutions we’ve ever had. We perform over 500.000 bypass surgeries per year in the U.S. alone. We have modern medications which should help, but where are the results?

Maybe our concept about heart attacks is flawed. Maybe bypass surgeries do not help. Maybe there is scientific data to prove this. And maybe there is a proven natural remedy which has been used successfully in clinics around the world to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.

Join us on a journey where we try to answer all these questions in our newest video.

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