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Microparasitic Infection – THE REAL CAUSE OF CANCER

Today, cancer is an epidemic despite tremendous progress in medicine, international R & D work, billions spent by the pharma industry, governments and NGOs. The number of deaths from cancer is steadily increasing.

Why is that so? Is it maybe because the theories, that have been put forward so far on how cancer develops in our bodies are flawed? Are our treatment approaches maybe wrong as well because of that?

In our newest video we analyze all the cancer theories in order to answer this question based on scientific evidence. Is cancer caused by genetic mutations, by viruses or maybe by microparasitical infections?

After we have arrived at a conclusion on the correct cancer theory, we present an integrative treatment approach based on natural remedies and energetic treatment devices that really works.

You can obtain the natural remedies and treatment devices presented in the video exclusively here:

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