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You Just Received The Cancer Diagnosis


  • Why is the number of cancer deaths permanently increasing?
  • What really causes cancer?
  • Which changes must be done in the standard health care procedure to reduce dramatically human suffering and number of deaths?


  • Obviously, the increasing number of cancer patients’ deaths is due to an inefficient therapy and this is the result of misunderstanding cancer root causes
  • Cancer standard health care procedure is following always the same schema: remove cancerous tissue by surgery, use chemotherapy or radiation to avoid re-occurrence of tumors; the effect is over 90% of patients treated do not survive the cancer by more than 1-5 years, their quality of life is many times miserable
  • The rocketing number of new cancer cases is due to our vicious lifestyle, environment toxicity, stress and anxiety
  • Today there are three major theories about cancer: genetic mutation, metabolic disorder, and a viral infection, preferred by classical medicine being the genetic mutation dogma
  • There are numerous alternative medicine treatments clearly improving patients’ life quality and expanding their lifespan, however there was not yet discovered the cancer panacea!

During the years 1960-1990 many renowned doctors, R & D institutes, clinics in Europe demonstrated experimentally that cancer is a microparasitic infection; among these pioneers are Dr. Alfons Weber, Pettenkofer Institute, today the University of Medicine in Munich, Robert Koch, Louis Pasteur, Prof. Dr. Tamara Lebedewa, Dr. Alan Cantwell (MDUSA), Prof. Dr. Peter Duesburg, Sir Henry Britlin (UK), Wilhelm Reich and many more.

Dr. Weber’s work is based on thousands of biological in vitro and in vivo experiments with tissues and blood samples collected from thousands of cancer patients during their life and even after their death; all blood and tissue tests confirmed the microparasites in blood plasma and in cancerous tissue, as you will see in this video. Cancer theory being a microparasitic infection is exceptionally well and accurately documented. Conclusions of all these studies are that microparasites of the protozoa class are more pathogenic than any bacteria and fungi together and are the real causes of cancer and of many other chronic diseases.

How can the exponential spread of cancer and other serious chronic and acute conditions from 1950 – today be explained? 

One of the microparasites infectious carriers are the meat and bone meal used in cattle fodder and thus present in any cattle or poultry meat. These genetic materials of microparasites can survive heat, cold, many aggressive chemicals. Microparasites are the primary and oldest life form on this planet and their adaptation capabilities are very advanced, better than ours!  Same microparasitic infested genetic material is abundantly present in poultry excrements, in manure which are spread as fertilizer! Through the international traffic, around the globe traveling, globalized economy and food chain supply, mechanized and intensive fertilizing with animals’ excrements and the feeding industry using bone and meat meal, through excessive vaccination, usage of antibiotics, blood transfusions and direct insects and animals’ bites, these cancerous microparasites are epidemically spreading around the globe. Either the insects are directly infecting a blood capillary or through lymphatic tract the parasites are penetrating in the blood stream.

These microparasites (protozoa, plasmodia like) are difficult to be identified in blood lab work, because they are hidden inside of red blood cells (erythrocytes).

Today we all have microparasites in us; the door to start their destructive, diseasing action, many times fatal are the blood capillaries. The environmental toxicity, electrosmog burdens, GMO and food poor quality, stress and psycho-emotional overload weaken the body defense system, destroys the blood capillaries; the penetration, spreading and thriving of the very resilient microparasites becomes a question of WHEN and not of IF. 

If you just received a cancer diagnosis this is what is happening in your body:

  • Psycho-emotional shock
  • Anxiety & Panic, Fear for your life
  • Stress, Sympathetic dominant
  • Breathing patterns specific for stress
  • Cellular Hypoxia causing Cellular mutations
  • Fermentation instead digestion
  • Acidosis, Anaerobe and acidic milieu
  • Microparasites and many other pathogens are thriving
  • Lost cellular communication, immune system cannot help
  • Cells loose polarity, Cellular membrane potential decreases, with the result that cells get toxic and are starving
  • Lost body coherence, Body energy decreases

Let’s learn more about the real causes of cancer in order to be able to find real therapies that work!

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