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The Secrets Of Living Water

Rarely do we think about clean, healthy water when we think about health, but our health and well-being are considerably determined by the quality of our water, as we consist mainly of it.

Unfortunately, our tap water, despite being treated, is still often heavily contaminated. It suffers from lime deposits and hardness, bad taste, excessive chlorination and fluoridation, presence of pesticides and fertilizers (nitrates, nitrites), residual pharmaceutical drugs (hormones, drugs) and other metabolites, heavy metals, detergents, chemical agents of different kind, increased pathogenic germs, etc.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there is another problem with our drinking water, that is less well-known: Water structure is lost when it flows through pipelines or when bottled water is transported over long distances. Contaminated means already unhealthy water, but losing the structure makes water a sickness agent, as it destroys the body fluids structures.

Watch our newest video, where we discuss the importance of not only clean, but structured, living, life-enhancing water and present a unique, affordable water treatment system, that transforms your regular tap water into great tasting, invigorating, healthy water.

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