Rheumatism is a generic name for 150 different conditions characterized by inflammation and acute or chronic pain in muscles, joints, or fibrous tissue.


Rheumatism starts with a sluggish and dysfunctional digestion following overeating and overdrinking over years; food is not properly digested, and many poisons and wastes accumulate in entire organism, the body becomes tired and exhausted due to overfeeding and self-poisoning. An excess of fats and proteins clogs the internal layers of the intestines where food is absorbed. Morbid bacteria created by rotten develop foul gas in intestines which spreads in entire body, metabolism is impaired, blood circulation slows down, and a lot of energy is lost needed to maintain the body alive. People are freezing, are down-hearted, cannot sleep well. Rheumatism in all its manifestations is deadly unless the lifestyle is dramatically changed.

Gout, one of the rheumatism diseases, appears especially in individuals who often consume all kind of tasty delicacies (sweets), have a soft and voluptuous flesh body. Men do have gout more frequent as women who get gout only after they entered the menopause.

In all rheumatic patient’s medical history, you will find always exudations; exudation is a fluid rich in protein and cellular fragments that oozes out of blood vessels due to inflammation; it is deposited in nearby tissues (Pleuritis, Pneumonia).

The devastating capillaries destruction caused by microparasites extravasal proliferation allows the passage of poisonous food residues as well as of protozoa into the connective tissue and bone marrow; you get Anemia or Leukemia.

Relapsing urogenital infectious; with massive antibiotic treatment some of the symptoms are temporary suppressed, but you will get endless infection relapses.

Late stages of rheumatic disorders lead to cysts and hyperplasia and malign tumors; “autoimmune” specific drugs such as corticosteroids or NSAID’s (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) cannot help much as these only sedate the symptoms with serious side effects and even life risks. Microparasites continue their move through connective tissue with disastrous effects, destroying cartilages, collagen, exudations and lots of pain or impaired limbs’ mobility.

Rheumatic patients have digestive tract disorders, many related to mucosa of stomach such a gastritis or ulcers or to intestines like Morbus Chron.

When Protozoa invade the erythro-leuco-poetic system (bone marrow) the bone and collagen metabolism in bones, cartilages, tendons and ligaments (collagen, elastin) is troubled; the muscle-skeleton system is tremendously lacking nutrients and accumulating toxins due to excessive cellular debris created by the microparasites.

The calcium metabolism is inversed and instead of adding calcium to the bone mass, calcium is removed from the bones and deposited elsewhere, for ex. in arteries; bones become brittle, decalcified, irregularly shaped with rough surfaces.

Worsening of rheumatic symptoms is an aguish process sometimes depending on weather changes, psycho-somatic state, nutrition and many other environmental factors to which the protozoa adapt themselves faster than yourself.

There is no genetic factor causing rheumatism, just an epidemic infection with microparasites migrating from mother to child during the embryonal life; sometimes the microparasitic infection runs in the whole family, otherwise there is no heredity.

Many people and health care givers believe that conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, arthrosis are not treatable and the single help you can give your patients is to relieve their pain eventually perform some detoxification and change nutrition. More radical therapies such as knee or hip replacement are very traumatic for the body and not always crowned by success on a long term. But there is HOPE and there are METHODS that work to relieve pain, increase mobility and restore joints functionality. One of this fascinating method used for hundreds, if not thousands of years is the Gold therapy. In this video we present the elegant gold implants procedure, totally risk and side effects free, very efficient, easy and friendly to use for doctors and patients.

Since 1996 over 9000 patients have been treated using Gold Implantation. Danish physician Dr. Kjerkegaard first introduced this method to humans after many years veterinary doctors applied successfully same procedure to dogs, cats and horses. If for decades gold implants therapy worked for the pets, why shouldn’t work for us? Why is this therapy not promoted and supported by health care insurances for humans?

Which patients can benefit of gold implantation?

  • Ideal for patients with urgent need for pain relief
  • Chronic pain condition, osteoarthritis of the neck and lumbar region, arthrosis of the hip, knee, hand or ankle
  • Patients with cicatricial tissues resulting from disc prolapse operations or patients with disc prolapse who cannot be operated upon due to the location of the prolapse
  • Patients wishing to avoid the artificial joints replacement.

What can you expect after gold implantation? Following observations were made by clinical surveillance of 9000 treated patients:

  • More than 90% of the patients experience complete pain relief or significant pain reduction
  • In some cases, significant pain relief can be expected immediately after the treatment
  • In most cases the patient will feel some minor tension following the treatment in the areas where the gold is embedded, local light hematoma may also occur
  • Most patients experience total pain relief in the following weeks

How does gold permanent implants work?

In 2008 a study done by Prof. Gorm Danscher from Aarhus university, demonstrated that gold ions inhibit inflammations. Gold ions are diffusing out into the surrounding tissue. The gold ions were found in connective tissues and in mast cells, as well as in macrophages and fibroblasts

Initially it was hypothesized that gold implants act as a continuous acupuncture stimulation; however, more plausible and scientifically accepted today is the explanation, that gold ions inhibit Cytokine HMGB1 which triggers inflammatory processes. In 2012 a genetic modulatory influence of gold ions was experimentally proven.

Gold 24 karat implants show absolutely no toxicity; patients do not develop infections, rejection, or discomfort related to the implanted gold. X-rays obtained years after the implantation of gold have demonstrated that the implants are still situated in the exact location where they were implanted.

There are numerous clinical and double-blind studies today to support gold implant therapy as being best suited for rheumatic diseases with significant pain relief and mobility increase. It was proven that the immune system boost triggered by gold ions is also treating the microparasitic infection.

Gold implanting therapy does not absolve you from doing your homework to change your lifestyle and the state of mind and emotions.


Cancer Genetic dogma, virus dogma, cancer is a metabolic disease, cancer is a fungus, cancer is a lactic acidosis, etc.

Over the last two centuries many theories were developed about cancer and trillions of dollars were spent and still are, to find the right answers; which is the therapy that reproducibly works in treating cancer? Today cancer is exponentially spreading; why and how does cancer spread and why surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, preventive biopsies and tests do not prolong your life, even worse it helps spread the cancer? Maybe we did not understand how cancer works, which are the cancer real causes and how to stop the epidemic development of cancer and in general of all chronic degenerative conditions? Who are the “major actors” in this lethal play?


Well, in the 1960 – 1980 many renowned microbiologists and doctors, among whom the German doctor Dr. Alfons Weber was a leading figure, developed and studied over 40 years his cancer theory; CANCER IS CAUSED BY MICROPARASITES known also as PROTOZOA! Dr. Weber’s theory was in detail scientifically proven and it was filmed how tumors emerge from microparasites infection and epidemically spreads through food, air, water, insects’ bits, globalized economy and food chain supply, to many surgical interventions followed by infected blood transfusions, toxic lifestyle, stress, psycho-emotional conflicts.

How a microparasites infection can convert into a cancer? These microparasites penetrate the red blood cells (erythrocytes) where they proliferate and multiply; they practically break and dissolve the capillary blood vessels walls using their lysosomes enzymes. At this stage the parasites invasively migrate extravascular into the connective tissue (matrix) and organs’ parenchyma where tissue is destroyed creating what we know today as degenerative chronic diseases.

Final stage of this protozoa infection is marked by the invasion of stem cells; first defence mechanism of stem cells is Vacuolisation (enclosure of parasites in small blisters). When there are to many vacuoles in stem cells, the stem cell starts dividing to minimize the number of vacuoles staffed with parasites. This is known as MYTOSIS and leads to hyperplasia. Once the nutrients for parasites kept enclosed in vacuoles dried up, the stem cells start stem cells go into apoptosis (cell death) due to own toxicity and starvation; at this stage the microparasites are freed again. Depending on the organs invaded and general patient’s health state, first symptoms appear in form of skin rashes, skin eczema, joints and lymphatic system inflammation and edemas, dysfunction up to total shut-down of organ’s functionality. Cancer development stages are very similar to Malaria and Toxoplasmosis infection caused by similar protozoa of plasmodial class.

Consequences of microparasites infection – pre-cancerous and cancerous symptoms

  • Blood quality changes: viscosity increases, erythrocytes are clumping and loose their biconcave shape, cells’ superficial tension decreases due to changes in electrical charge, oxygen transport is severely hampered, cells go into apoptosis (death)
  • Blood circulation is significantly impaired: infected erythrocytes lose hemoglobin (anemic state), glucose, plasma protein serum, cholesterol; all these substances are now missing in the host’s metabolism. Therefore, cancer patients have diabetes 2, anemia or even leukemia, high cholesterol and globulin values, they are cyanotic, undernourished, tired and fatigued, toxic
  • Hyperplasia appears to enhance stem cells division and proliferation, followed soon by Hypoplasia; Leukemia is one of the consequences of a blood hypoplasia
  • Erythrocytes and lymphocytes counts are diminishing, dead cells and cellular debris are swimming in the blood stream
  • Capillary permeability is reduced, and general capillary circulation is impaired more and more, gases cannot be purged out of the body, oxygen cannot permeate the capillaries and blood is under-oxygenated; cellular debris is not excreted (toxic state)
  • Infected blood plasma is leaking out into the connective tissue (extravascular) and in organs; protozoa are now infecting the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes, endocrine glands, cartilages, organs; this is stage II/III or extravascular compensated
  • Blood vessels are either too dilated or too constricted or obstructed, some are completely blocked, aneurysm may appear to support blood circulation; other side effects of plasmodial infections are: microinfarction, necrosis, obturation, chronic heart insufficiency, heart arrhythmia, valve insufficiency, may go also to heart attack or stroke
  • Microparasites invasion in the lymphatic system leads to swollen, painful lymph nodes (lymphadenitis)

Mutated cells are the result of microparasites invasion of stem cells; to get rid of the parasites stem cells start to over-proliferate; when foreign parasitic DNA material is interfering with human own DNA, the proliferation and cellular division is potentiated at the aim to save own DNA and discard the invader’s DNA. Dr. Weber demonstrated that disturbances of mitosis in cancer are not endogenic (own genetic origin), but exogenic because of parasitic DNA disturbing own genetic material and cells mitosis.

First cancer manifestations after protozoa infection appear on the skin: exanthema, rash, eczema and/or on skin dependent organs such as mucosa membrane, epithelial inlayer hair, nails. Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Scleroderma, syphilis skin rash. At the stage II/III of parasitic infection appear fever and night sweats, whereby the sweats are outside and inside the body affecting dramatically different organs which are now being damaged.

A successful cancer therapy must follow some general principles and have several targets:

  1. Support infected cells to selectively heal and get rid of microparasites w/o destroying the healthy cells; best recommended natural anti-parasitic remedy is our Vivid Artemisinin which contains 40% ultrapure DMSO.
  2. Detoxification in depth of the body, especially of connective tissue, digestive tract, liver, kidney; best recommended is Med Matrix
  3. Purge out the microparasites die-offs by cleansing colon, liver, kidney; recommended are Homozone, Hydrocolonics, Ozone insufflation or ozonated oils
  4. Boost immune system using specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes and a healthy nutrition; recommended are Magnesium, Vit. C, Vit. D3+K2, Vit B12, Vit. B complex
  5. Repair cellular tissue and re-establish a correct functionality of affected organs (milieu therapy); optimize your pH, redox potential, membrane potential; recommended galvanic therapy and blood electrification with Vegetbalance
  6. Energize the body, boost mitochondrial activity to gain energy; recommended exercising, walking, usage of supplements such as L-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, L-Arginine, Quercetin, OPC, Nattokinase (antioxidant, blood thinner). Also recommended Aquatone Advanced and Galvanic therapy with Vegetbalance
  7. Meditate, relax, relieve stress, clean active psycho-emotional conflicts and a negative state of mind, just Forgive & Forget
  8. Avoid or diminish electrosmog burdens; recommended Triomed CGI and Vita Chip
  9. Adjust body biochemistry and repolarize sick cells; best achievable with Geno62 and Vegetbalance galvanic therapy
  10. Check out regularly the quality of the medication and therapies received and correct these if the results do not show expected improvements, ANS balanced activity, organs and body fluids better quality: use ANS Analysis for ANS activity live monitoring to see if the medication and therapy applied are suitable for your condition; check over 250 parameters of your body with Bioscan, check 17 organs state with

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Women perceive their psycho-emotional relationships with children, mates, parents, siblings, direct relatives, friends in their breasts; therefore, the breast is the most susceptible organ to react to a surprising, shocking psycho-emotional event. As all other diseases, breast cancer is a result of very specific psychological stressors (conflicts) which must be known to help- heal the breast cancer naturally.

  1. Breast corium skin cancer is triggered by a defilement, lost of personal integrity conflict like after a breast mastectomy, or a rape, or figuratively through very offending words, physical and verbal abuse. This conflict is controlled by the small brain. During conflict active phase a melanoma is developing.
  2. Breast epidermis cancer is manifesting on the breast outer skin (epidermis), which is controlled by the cortex, following the patterns of epidermis which developed from The psychological conflict is a separation conflict with skin contact loss and manifests with skin sensitivity lost, known as hyperesthesia.
  3. Glandular breast cancer is triggered by worries and disputes, altercations with own children or own mother, conflicts in own “nest”; glandular breast carcinoma has the brain relays on the external side of brainstem (pons) and this cancer follows the patterns of adenocarcinoma controlled from the brainstem, which developed from mesoderm. The glandular breast cancer manifests with cell proliferation (tumor) during the conflict active phase; tumors disappear once the psycho conflict was resolved. In the healing phase appear most of symptoms at an intensity proportional to the conflict intensity, conflict duration and other health conditions the patient may have. Left side brain relay connects with the right side located organ (breast) for right handed women and vice versa for lefthanded women
  4. Intra-ductal breast cancer is always a result of major separation conflicts from own “mate”, husband, boyfriend, father and mother in law, brother, sister, boss, neighbours; intra-ductal breast cancer brain relays lie in the sensory cortex and developed from mesoderm. The brain relay is crossed relayed to each breast, i.e. left side breast responds to the right relay and vice-versa. Intraductal breast cancer starts with cell loss, ulceration in the milk ducts, which after conflict resolution start to replenish the lost cells. Most of the symptom appear in conflict active phase.

All known breast cancers can be naturally healed, if the emotional conflict was solved; therefore, animals and many people living in tribes or in less developed countries or in countries where the family bound is stronger (China, India) have almost no registered breast cancer patients or the cancer number is hundreds of time lower than in North America and Europe.

Another reason why in Europe and North America the incidence and the death rate of breast cancer are the highest is also related to the misdiagnoses and mistreatments; mammography as preventive method and the numerous biopsies and breast mastectomies are responsible for over 65% unnecessary mutilation, suffering and deaths of women in these regions. Although many studies clearly demonstrated that these allopathic methods used to “treat breast conditions” are wrongly applied and the harm exceeds the benefits, these are still used by the medical institutions and health insurances.

To heal any kind of breast cancer the patients must deal with the conflict and try to solve the issue, or at least to reduce its intensity and stop further cancer development up to a critical state.

Real good tools to facilitate the healing of breast cancer, after the psycho conflict was solved are:

  • Electro Cancer Galvanic therapy with Vegetbalance for home therapy support; it helps destroy cancerous tumors, risk and side effect free, non-invasive, no pain, helps restore breast tissue and functionality. Soon we will introduce a clinical version of galvanic therapy machine, stay tuned!!
  • Radiowaves therapy with Aquatone Advanced or Aquatone Professional for therapy support during the healing phase, coming with proven anti-tumor and cellular detoxification effects
  • Geno62 is an exceptional tool balancing the body biochemistry as well as ANS; has programs for psychological and emotional therapy to trigger and support the healing phase
  • Breastamisin remedies combine the exceptional anti-cancer properties of Vivid Artemisinin the health benefits of the miracle molecule DMSOBreastamisin is infused with different beneficial frequencies to help solve the psycho-emotional conflict, crucial for a real breast cancer healing.