Color Tuning 64 – The Success Key to Body Balance & Rejuvenation

Today we all know the health benefits of bioresonance, psychosomatic, radionics, light & sound therapy, homeopathy, holistic medicine. There are hundreds of devices out there for one or another modality and treatment; how many systems do you know which bundle synergistically all these modalities to heal and rejuvenate your body?

In a previous presentation, we learned about Tao Medical, an amazing and unique combination between Chinese acupuncture, psychosomatic medicine, biofeedback and radionics. (see here).

Today we take you on another holistic medicine pathway, where a symphony of colors, light, sound, radionics, psychosomatic, homeopathy offers a diagnostic and therapy alternative to Tao Medical. Color Tuning 64 is used for holistic diagnostic and multiple radiant auto-regulation therapy. Color Tuning 64 harmonizes the bioenergetic & informational vibrations of body zones; human body is divided per Kabbalah Life Tree in in 64 body zones.

Diagnostic and Therapy are automatically elaborated and applied on psychosomatic, bioenergetic and epigenetic levels. The system works in remote, has encoders for magnetic cards and homeopathic remedies, transmission of therapy can be done using radionic scalar waves as well as direct transmissions using the hand electrodes, Color Tuning 64 QRS comes with unique features such as:

  • Hardware: bioenergetic tuner with physiological multi-sensor connection such as brass electrodes to measure skin galvanic response, or light active hand pads to measure skin response after light provocation.
  • Audio-visual biofeedback for stress balance
  • Dynamic 3D Scans on all 64 body zones with display of unbalanced zones
  • Auto-regulation on selected body zones showing highest out of balance body zones
  • Psychosomatic scan and therapy based on Dr. Drew technique
  • Therapy with color-tone cascades. Color classification by indication (psycho-energetic resonance) as well as freely programmable color sequences
  • Optimal system regulation by combination of information medicine (radionics) and bioenergetic effect of the color light systems (390-630 nm)
  • Unlimited number of patients are listed
  • Color Tuning 64 comes with a software to be installed on a computer controlling the hardware

Color Tuning 64 has unlimited medical therapy indications, such as: Psychosomatic disorders, emotional stress, exhaustion, burn out syndrome, systemic functional disorders, dermatological problems, immunological weakness, neurological disorders, pain relief with analgesic effect, wound & burns fast healing, depressions and SAD therapy, circadian rhythm and jet lag sleep disorders and much more.

Wegamed Multidimensional Treatment Concept

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Wegamed, an unwritten book of successful holistic medicine, a new health care system of the 21st century. Which are the causes of all diseases, how to trigger the self-healing process and bring the body back to homoeostasis, which tools do I need for a total cure, these are only some of the questions for which Wegamed found the right answers. We can talk here about a perfect tandem between holistic integrative therapy and diagnostic.

Step 1: Detoxify and reactivate the extracellular matrix. If the organs do not function properly, you have a degenerative or infectious condition, it is because toxins and/or pathogens are blocking or disturbing the cellular and extracellular metabolism. The bio- terrain milieu around the cells is out of balance. Use Med Matrix for 4-6 sessions to detoxify the connective tissue, the healing process is being naturally triggered, the energy flow is re-established, the channels opened up. A unique device with giant therapy capabilities, Med Matrix makes more than 80% of the therapy. 

Step 2: After Med Matrix continue the treatment process with Med Select to balance and fine tune metabolism, harmonise the energy, optimise organs functionality, on your way to homoeostasis. Through different electrodes are collected endogenous and exogenous vibrations from the patients; these frequencies are stored temporary in Wegamed Internal Frequency storage module (IF). Final therapy is generated by using the unique Wegamed System-Information-Therapy (SIT). The new therapy frequencies generated conform the bioresonance principles are combined with pre-stored vibrational information, such as homeopathic organ vibrations, nosodes and homeopathic remedies. Vega-Duplex-Storage (VDS) is a unique module integrated in all Wegamed products where over 2500 frequencies of organs’ preparations (sarcodes) are being pre-recorded. Finally, you can choose more therapy options from prerecorded supporting or from special programs. Due to its intelligent therapy concept, Med Select matches automatically the metabolic status and the burdens of the selected patient.

Step 3: Diagnostic with Test Expert Plus using the unique “wegamed testing method”, a synthesis between TCM, EAV/EDS and Vega method developed over 30 years R & D and practice. Wegamed method basic principle is: when an interfering electromagnetic disturbing field such as that created by toxins, pathogens, stress and psychological trauma is introduced into the circuit patient-electrodes-measuring device, are occurring bioimpedance changes and these are manifested in the measured values. TEP measures the body bioimpedance and carries a synergistic dialog with all meridians and organs. Whether allergies, painful conditions, migraines or rheumatism, TEP helps identify the root cause of many illnesses – quickly, effectively and without any side-effects.

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