“Lives are coherent conditions”. All body cells react and proceed as ONE. The aim of any therapy is thus to re-establish the unity (oneness) of all the cells in the body.

The connective tissue matrix plays the most important role in doing so, as it fulfills the communication function between our cells. If matrix communication is ensured, we remain healthy. Any kind of inner or outer stress on the matrix reduces its coherence and is the root cause of any health condition. As signals between the cells become blocked or distorted, the cellular metabolism is hindered, membrane potential is decreasing and so is the body’s ionizing energy. The result is that you get sicker by the hour and develop multiple chronic diseases.

The question therefore is how to keep this important system working perfectly without harmful drugs. The answer is that we need to clean the matrix of all the toxins and metabolic debris to restore its full functionality. The best way to achieve this deep detoxification is with the MRT 503, the most advanced integrative Matrix Regeneration Therapy device on the market today. There is no other system that combines all the technologies needed to regenerate the matrix in such an affordable, easy-to-use package.

Find out more about the amazing MRT 503, cell metabolism and the connective tissue matrix in our newest video.

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388 million people have Diabetes today. 1.5 million people die per year because of this debilitating condition and the prevalence of Diabetes amongst adults over 18 years of age has risen from 4.7% in 1980 to 8.5% in 2014. It is estimated that, if this trend continues, one in ten adults will have Diabetes in 2040.

Looking at these alarming numbers, we must ask ourselves the question what causes Diabetes and why we cannot heal it, if our therapy approach is correct. Maybe it’s because we look only at blood sugar levels and treat symptoms instead of real causes.

The bleak reality is that diabetics who are treated according to actual standard diabetes care procedure get worse, not better over time. What’s less obvious is that the treatments themselves contribute about as much to declining health as the diabetes itself. Once you’re diagnosed with Diabetes in the current system, you’re trapped in a place where there is no possibility of restored health, of improved function, or a cure.

In our newest video we ask ourselves therefore the question whether the progression of diabetes must be an all but inevitable decline into worse symptoms, more and more medication, and greater impairment leading to an early death. We explain the causes of Diabetes Type 1 & 2 and what exactly happens in our bodies. We explore how we can treat the real causes of Diabetes and develop a treatment plan that really works and helps you get rid of Diabetes altogether.


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We all know that Diabetes is one of the most prevalent conditions of our era, with millions of people affected by it. What is less known however is that, apart from lifestyle choices and obesity, there is a third factor that can affect our blood sugar and cause or aggravate the diabetic condition. This factor is electrosmog.

In our newest video we present clear, scientific evidence for the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and blood sugar levels and introduce you to what has been called Type 3 diabetes.

We help you answer the question whether you suffer from Type 3 diabetes and present some affordable, efficient and easy-to-use solutions to shield yourself from electromagnetic radiation and improve not only your blood sugar situation, but your general wellbeing.

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