Our bodies are electrical circuits. Everything we do is controlled and enabled by electrical signals running through our bodies. Since everything relies on these electrical signals, a breakdown in the body’s electrical system becomes a real survival problem.

Is there a holistic therapy method that takes advantage of this electric working principle of our body? Turns out there is, and it is called galvanic therapy.

The galvanic fine-current therapy is a treatment method based on the natural electric functioning principle of the body.

Galvanic current is generated by a galvanic element, which is a battery; it is in the range of 40 – 150 mA and flows continuously from the positive pole (+) towards the negative pole (-). Galvanic current is different from alternating current such as the AC current from the power grid and different from vibrational and pulsating current such as in TENS, ZAPPER, interference currents, which are sending frequencies to tease the body. Galvanic currents are free of frequencies and pulses.

Galvanic Therapy is painless and free of side effects. Galvanic Therapy systems can be used regardless of age and have a wide area of applications, ranging from fitness, over health, beauty and wellness. One of the best galvanic therapy systems available on the market today is the VEGETBALANCE SYSTEM. It is MADE IN GERMANY, offers impeccable accuracy and quality and is also very affordable, easy-to-use and scientifically proven. It comes in two versions, the VEGETBALANCE HOME for private use and the VEGETBALANCE THERAPRO for professional use. Both systems come with a wide array of electrodes for custom applications to fit your personal needs.

Learn everything you need to know about the electric body and the amazing Vegetbalance Galvanic Therapy Systems and their many applications in this video!



  • Empowers body‘s self-healing potential
  • Optimizes metabolism
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation
  • Triggers and supports deep detoxification
  • Support fast wound healing and tumor necrotisation
  • General regeneration, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial
  • Activates and balances CNS and ANS, cell regeneration
  • Mobilizes deposits in blood vessels and joints
  • Stimulates endocrine activity
  • Harmonizes and vitalizes the body
  • Opens up Qi/Prana energy blockages, balances meridians and energy flow
  • Balances the electrolytes
  • Activates nerves synapses and neuronal cells regeneration
  • Supports scar free wounds healing
  • Improves the quality of the skin

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Women perceive their psycho-emotional relationships with children, mates, parents, siblings, direct relatives, friends in their breasts; therefore, the breast is the most susceptible organ to react to a surprising, shocking psycho-emotional event. As all other diseases, breast cancer is a result of very specific psychological stressors (conflicts) which must be known to help- heal the breast cancer naturally.

  1. Breast corium skin cancer is triggered by a defilement, lost of personal integrity conflict like after a breast mastectomy, or a rape, or figuratively through very offending words, physical and verbal abuse. This conflict is controlled by the small brain. During conflict active phase a melanoma is developing.
  2. Breast epidermis cancer is manifesting on the breast outer skin (epidermis), which is controlled by the cortex, following the patterns of epidermis which developed from The psychological conflict is a separation conflict with skin contact loss and manifests with skin sensitivity lost, known as hyperesthesia.
  3. Glandular breast cancer is triggered by worries and disputes, altercations with own children or own mother, conflicts in own “nest”; glandular breast carcinoma has the brain relays on the external side of brainstem (pons) and this cancer follows the patterns of adenocarcinoma controlled from the brainstem, which developed from mesoderm. The glandular breast cancer manifests with cell proliferation (tumor) during the conflict active phase; tumors disappear once the psycho conflict was resolved. In the healing phase appear most of symptoms at an intensity proportional to the conflict intensity, conflict duration and other health conditions the patient may have. Left side brain relay connects with the right side located organ (breast) for right handed women and vice versa for lefthanded women
  4. Intra-ductal breast cancer is always a result of major separation conflicts from own “mate”, husband, boyfriend, father and mother in law, brother, sister, boss, neighbours; intra-ductal breast cancer brain relays lie in the sensory cortex and developed from mesoderm. The brain relay is crossed relayed to each breast, i.e. left side breast responds to the right relay and vice-versa. Intraductal breast cancer starts with cell loss, ulceration in the milk ducts, which after conflict resolution start to replenish the lost cells. Most of the symptom appear in conflict active phase.

All known breast cancers can be naturally healed, if the emotional conflict was solved; therefore, animals and many people living in tribes or in less developed countries or in countries where the family bound is stronger (China, India) have almost no registered breast cancer patients or the cancer number is hundreds of time lower than in North America and Europe.

Another reason why in Europe and North America the incidence and the death rate of breast cancer are the highest is also related to the misdiagnoses and mistreatments; mammography as preventive method and the numerous biopsies and breast mastectomies are responsible for over 65% unnecessary mutilation, suffering and deaths of women in these regions. Although many studies clearly demonstrated that these allopathic methods used to “treat breast conditions” are wrongly applied and the harm exceeds the benefits, these are still used by the medical institutions and health insurances.

To heal any kind of breast cancer the patients must deal with the conflict and try to solve the issue, or at least to reduce its intensity and stop further cancer development up to a critical state.

Real good tools to facilitate the healing of breast cancer, after the psycho conflict was solved are:

  • Electro Cancer Galvanic therapy with Vegetbalance for home therapy support; it helps destroy cancerous tumors, risk and side effect free, non-invasive, no pain, helps restore breast tissue and functionality. Soon we will introduce a clinical version of galvanic therapy machine, stay tuned!!
  • Radiowaves therapy with Aquatone Advanced or Aquatone Professional for therapy support during the healing phase, coming with proven anti-tumor and cellular detoxification effects
  • Geno62 is an exceptional tool balancing the body biochemistry as well as ANS; has programs for psychological and emotional therapy to trigger and support the healing phase
  • Breastamisin remedies combine the exceptional anti-cancer properties of Vivid Artemisinin the health benefits of the miracle molecule DMSOBreastamisin is infused with different beneficial frequencies to help solve the psycho-emotional conflict, crucial for a real breast cancer healing.


In this video we present the real causes of prostate diseases, with a highlight on prostate cancer.

We further describe different therapy modalities with clear recommendations for holistic, non invasive, risk free therapies.

As with all other health conditions, the triggers for prostate conditions are always linked to specific manifested psycho-emotional conflicts related to procreation of descendants and mating.

In Asian and African regions people live more anchored in traditional family life and men and women are facing less traumatic psycho events related to “their tribe”; the incidence of prostate cancer is significantly lower than in Western Europe and North America.

Often the prostate cancer is a result of diagnosing methods such as PSA, which is not relevant enough for prostate cancer.

Prostate biopsy comes with numerous side effects such as urination and/or ejaculation with bleeding,  local prostate injuries, spread of cancerous cells, other cancers due to the shocking cancer diagnose.

To really cure  prostate cancer you must apply the holistic treatments presented in this video concomitantly on psycho-emotional level (resolving the biological conflict), on bioenergetic and physical level. Only this way you can remove the root causes avoiding cancer relapses and will restore the tissue and full functionality of prostate.


So remember:

Prostate cancer is not a life threatening condition if you understand the underlaying psycho-emotional conflict which triggers prostate disorders including prostate cancer.

There is no real cure of prostate cancer without first solving the biological conflict, followed by tissue repair using different procedures as mentioned in this video.

Diagnosing methods such as PSA and Prostate biopsy are not recommended as prostate cancer diagnose; use modern diagnosing methods such as Doppler ultrasound or PCA3 genetic test instead.

If you believe in conventional therapy methods, choose those which do not impact your life quality: ECT, IRE, RFA and do not go ahead with chemo, radiation, hormonal castration; however none of these procedures will be a final cure for a prostate cancer, so far as you did not resolve the underlying psycho-emotional conflict related to procreation, descendants, mating.

For prostate gland cancer, symptoms appear during the biological conflict active phase while for prostate ducts cancer (ulceration) the symptoms are stronger and appear during the healing phase.

Prostate cancer is a slowly developing cancer and it may be more beneficial for you not to start running to hospitals and clinics and get treatments which may shorten your life expectancy and for sure will aggravate your psycho-emotional conflict and health condition.

Change your lifestyle, harmonize your relationship in the family, understand and accept the aging process, do not panic, and self-devaluate yourself, you can heal only from your inside power; call us if you need HELP!!

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