How You Get Sick?

Do you know how you get sick? It is important to understand the right answers to this question, as only if you know how the diseasing process occurs, you will know better about the steps of your healing process.

Every sickness starts with an emotional psychological conflict; based on your individual epigenetics and environmental burdens, this conflict may manifest stronger or weaker, or even may not affect you at all. Once it was stored in your limbic system, the emotional brain, it follows its pathway to the hormonal and autonomous nervous system and from there in 3-7 years one or multiple organs will be affected in different ways, finally fall into degeneration state.

To start a real healing process, you need different tools to successfully reverse the dispensing process:

  1. Autonomous nervous system (ANS) diagnose followed by a customized therapy and training of auto-regulation; we recommend Kindling Easy and Biotonometer (follow next Webinar Part 2)

  2. Connective tissue and major organs detoxification using Med Matrix and Aquatone (follow Webinar Part 3)

  3. Electrosmog pollution impact and overall recovery at cellular level using Geno62 and Vita Chip (Follow Webinar Part 4)

Learn more NOW by watching this webinar part 1 and follow us on our healthy journey:


Is there a simple but efficient modality to treat health conditions? Is there a kind of “tuning fork” for the body, a general holistic method to restore health, prevent diseases, slow the aging process? Based on the fact that in our body about 75% makes the cellular and extracellular water, that Panacea method must target the water molecules; water molecules resonate in a beneficial manner with certain frequencies, such a radio waves.


Radio waves and water molecule resonance

When a direct electrical current is applied to a wire the current flow builds an electromagnetic field around the wire. This field sends a wave outward from the wire. When the current is removed, the field collapses which again sends a wave. If the current is applied and removed over and over for a period of time, a series of waves is propagated at a discrete frequency. If the current changes polarity, or direction repeatedly, that could make waves, too. This phenomenon is the basis of electromagnetivity and basically describes how radio waves are created within transmitters. Other kinds of electromagnetic radiation, including radio waves, are made by natural processes such as the nuclear reactions in a star.

Radio waves are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths longer than IR waves. Radio waves frequencies are in the range of 3 kHz up to 300 GHz; the corresponding wavelength is 1 mm (0.039 in), and at 3 kHz is 100 km (62 mi). They have a deep penetration in all cells and organs of living beings containing over 75% water. Radio waves synchronize oscillating movement of water clusters (cluster is a group of molecules of water every 8 molecules). Radiofrequency energy is used in medicine e.g. MRI and RFA.


Radio waves

Water molecules vibrate with certain frequencies. All metabolic, neurological and biochemical processes taking place in human body must be in harmony in the presence of water molecules, i.e. are in resonance.

Aquatone, a radio wave therapy device developed by Russian scientists, affects all organs and body parts and restores normal functionality in diseased and damaged systems caused by the majority of known diseases. Doctors confirm the high efficiency of Aquatone which can reduce or completely eliminate symptoms and diseases.

The versatility of Aquatone as a therapy device can be explained by the common denominator of almost all diseases: the abnormal resonances between water molecules in the affected area. Resonance wave therapy has been particularly effective in restoring damaged tissue after accidents, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, burns and radiation injury with painful symptoms. Resonance wave therapy strengthens the immune system’s ability to fight infections and various inflammations.


Aquatone device, the tuning fork of your body

Human medicine studies:

  • More than 150 scientific works
  • Numerous dissertations
  • Long-term projects until 2020 throughout Russia & EU
  • Scientific work in US @ Harvard University

Veterinary medicine studies:

  • Non-pharmacology treatment of inflammation
  • Treatment ascoferose of bees
  • Animal recovery of injuries


Aquatone devices

  • Aquatone is a therapy device only
  • Aquatone is very straight forward in therapy, users’ friendly, can be used by doctors and patients
  • Aquatone is a very versatile device improving significantly many health conditions in a very short period of time
  • Aquatone acts directly on water molecules in living beings, re-establishing in seconds an almost perfect molecular symmetry
  • Aquatone is very affordable
  • Healing effects of Aquatone were proven and studied in many renowned universities and medical institutes such as Harvard, Caroline institute, etc.
  • Buy and use Aquatone for your family, your friends, your patients, your pets

Main Features & Device operation:

  • Use the buttons “level” and “mode” to select the desired mode for therapy (see recommendations)
  • The selected mode is indicated by LEDs
  • To begin the session, press the button “start/stop”
  • After 10 minutes the session ends automatically and a beep sound can be heard
  • It is also possible to end the session manually by pressing the buttons “start/stop” or “on/off”
  • People are different, so try different modes, remember only mode 1 for acute & mode 1+2 not in the evening
  • Begin with problem area & follow up with general treatment zones
  • General treatment zones that are always beneficial:
  • Forehead
  • Thymus (immune system)
  • Solar plexus (nervous system)
  • Beneath navel (energizes whole body)
  • Back of the head (brain function that controls all organs)
  • Kidneys & adrenals glands (regulates water balance & adrenals regulate important hormones)


Aquatone Programs:

  • Mode 1: for acute health conditions like pain, burning, fatigue
  • Mode 2: esp. for blood circulation, chronic & inflammatory diseases but applicable to whole body, works at 0.1Hz (delta brain waves), therefore also relaxing effect
  • Mode 3: frequent use possible, balances whole body, calming effect, can therefore be applied esp. in evening for all kinds of health problems, works at 8 Hz (alpha brain waves)
  • Mode 1+2: activates body, strengthens & increases body’s effectiveness, good for diseases of muscles and skeletal system, also stimulating effect on whole body good for depression & fatigue, works in beta brain wave range
  • Mode 1+3: problems with inner organs (intestines, stomach, kidney, liver, etc.), rehabilitating body after extreme stress, works at 4Hz (theta brain waves)
  • Mode 2+3: slower frequencies to improve body’s adjustment capabilities in extreme psychological & physical situations, also tiredness & difficulties waking up


Aquatone Programs settings (mode)

Aquatone applications:

  • Anti-tumor effects
  • Influence on the process of self-organization of histones
  • Effect on the nervous system and neurophysiological changes
  • Therapeutic effects in pancreatic diseases
  • Anti-stress effect
  • Improvement of rheology restore blood circulation
  • Treatment of keratitis and iridocyclitis (eye disease)
  • Prevention of infectious diseases in children
  • Therapeutic effect in chronic prostatitis

Anti-tumor effects of Aquatone:

  • Accelerates division of fibroblasts
  • Inhibits growth of the prostate tumor
  • Slows down the growth of melanoma
  • Aquatone is significantly increasing antitumor effect on cancerous cells when using Mitoxantrone class drugs such as: Jukart – 33%; A549 – 18%; T47D – 72%
  • Mitoxantrone is used to treat certain types of cancer, mostly metastatic breast cancer, acute myeloid leukemia, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It improves the survival rate of children suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia relapse

Improvement of body fluids rheology with Aquatone:

  • Aquatone Increases the plasticity of biological fluids, thereby facilitating flow in membranes of blood vessels, arteries and capillaries
  • Aquatone supports trans-capillary exchange with less power consumption and without increase of blood pressure
  • Aquatone activates the metabolism
  • Aquatone facilitates:
  • Extraction of energy from water
  • Water decomposition into H and OH radicals in the blood vessels and capillaries


Antitumor effects of Aquatone


Aquatone increases the number of plasma cells and lymphocytes

Anti-stress effects of Aquatone therapy:

  • Regeneration of blood in acute immobilization stress
  • Size & absorbency of thrombi
  • Dynamic flexibility / toughness
  • Platelet aggregation in acute immobilization stress
  • Degree & rate of aggregation



Anti-stress effects induced by Aquatone

Immunological effects of Aquatone therapy:

  • Increases the index at all stages of phagocytosis
  • Patients with pneumonia in the acute stage are getting a significant enhancement of IL-1 and its receptor antagonists
  • Patients with pneumonia in the chronical stage are getting an increased IL8 and IL10
  • Patients with chronic pneumonia are getting a normalization of leukocytes & level of c-reactive protein
  • Patients with acute pneumonia are getting reduced intensity of coughing and improved general health condition



Aquatone immunological effects


Respiratory conditions improvement with Aquatone therapy


Chronic pneumonia normalization with Aquatone therapy

Arthritis & Arthrosis Aquatone Therapy effects:

  • Significant reduction in pain on the second day
  • Reduced swelling
  • Restored joint mobility


Arthrosis improvements with Aquatone therapy


Arthritis improvements with Aquatone therapy

Conditions treated with Aquatone:

  • bronchitis, pneumonia, COPD, asthma
  • hypertension
  • diseases of the pancreas and thyroid
  • headache (“migraine” type)
  • injuries, burns, abscesses
  • cervical osteochondrosis
  • lumbar – sciatica
  • inflammatory diseases of the kidney
  • urogenital diseases (prostatitis, cystitis)
  • neuralgia intercostal nerves
  • myositis
  • swelling, pain,
  • restricted movement of joints injuries (bruises, sprains, fractures)
  • arthritis of different etiology
  • allergies
  • gastritis, duodenitis, peptic ulcer disease
  • recovery from intense workouts

Some Aquatone Therapy Programs:

1. Lymphatic system purge settings:

Mode 1+3 on collar bones for 10 mins. each
Mode 3 on back of the head
Mode 3 on 7th vertebra
Once per day for 7 days


Lymphatic system purge with Aquatone

2.  Liver Detoxification & Liver general therapy

Mode 1+3 on liver for 10 mins.
Mode 1+3 on liver reflection area at right shoulder
Mode 3 at back of the head as it controls all organs
Once per day for 7 days


Liver detoxification and general liver therapy with Aquatone

3.  Kidney detoxification & Kidney general therapy

Mode 1+3 on both kidneys 10 mins. each
Mode 3 on back of the head
Once per day for 7 days


Kidney detoxification & General Kidney therapy with Aquatone

4. Cardiovascular & Heart therapy:


High Blood pressure regulation with Aquatone


Recovery after a heart attack with Aquatone

5. Pancreas general therapy settings:


Pancreas general therapy with Aquatone

6. Knee Osteoarthritis therapy:


Knee osteoarthritis treated with Aquatone 

7. Allergies:


Allergies general therapy with Aquatone

8. Drowsiness & Fatigue Therapy with Aquatone


Drowsiness & Fatigue Treated with Aquatone


There are absolute no general contraindications.

Relative contraindications:

  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Systemic blood diseases
  • Severe cardiac arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation, paroxysmal tachyarrhythmia)
  • The presence of an artificial cardiac pacemaker
  • Cardiac aneurysm
  • Acute infectious and purulent process in the head
  • Tuberculosis active process
  • Thyrotoxicosis
  • Acute respiratory insufficiency
  • If there are tumors of any etiology, the device must be strictly used under the supervision of a physician. 

Technical Data: 


Scope of Delivery:


evidence of human ability to detect Earth's magnetic field found

A scientist who has dedicated a significant portion of his life to proving or disproving the notion that humans have an ability to detect and respond to Earth’s magnetic field has given a talk at this year’s meeting of the Royal Institute of Navigation at the University of London, suggesting that he has found evidence that it is true. Joe Kirschvink with the California Institute for Technology reported that experiments he and colleagues have been conducting have shown reproducible changes in brainwaves of volunteers who sat in a magnetically controllable chamber.

Over the past century scientists have found that other animals do indeed have magnetic sensors and that they respond to them—birds in flight use the Earth’s magnetic field at least in part, as a compass, dogs orient themselves north/south to urinate. The list of examples has grown quite extensive, but one problem still remains—no one has been able to figure out how it happens. Scientists have narrowed down the possibilities Eric Hand writes in two extensive News articles on the subject in the latest issue of the journal Science, one is called the Magnetite Model, and is based on the idea that magnetite existing in the bodies of living organisms may be tugged by the Earth’s magnetic field, controlling neural circuitry. The other is called the Cryptochrome Model and is based on the idea that chryptochromes in the retina are turned into radical pair molecules by sunlight and are flipped between states when impacted by Earth’s magnetic field. Kirschvink, Hand, notes, believes the former is the most likely possibility, though his mission has not been to find out how it might work, but to show that it does in humans.

To achieve that goal, Kirschvink and his team built a Faraday cage—an enclosure just big enough for one person to sit in, which has coils placed around its walls that prevent influence by Earth’s magnetic field and any other magnetic field, whether natural or man-made. The cage also allows for the generation of a magnetic field and the allowance of the Earth’s magnetic field on command. The volunteers sitting in the chair in the cage were attached to an EEG machine that measured alpha brain waves.

The cage allows for eliminating all sources of stimuli for impacting human brain wave activity. The person sits alone in the dark while the researchers manipulate the magnetic field around him or her. Kirschvink reported in his talk that he was able to record a measurable, and more importantly, reproducible change in alphas brain wave activity in humans based on changes made to the around them. And he did so using the cage in two different locations, one in California, and another in a lab in Japan. He acknowledged that the sample size was small, and that more work needs to be done, which will someday lead to a paper—but he is optimistic that he has at long last proven that humans do indeed have magnetic sensors.

Provided by Bob Yirka