In Europe, every 90 seconds occurs a death due to heart conditions, yearly are being spent over 18 Billion with cardiovascular diseases. In USA are spent over 70 Billion p.a. In USA, there are over 600,000 people dying yearly because of heart conditions and one quarter of them are younger than 65. Half of people early retired die because of heart and cardiovascular problems.

Younger people are being affected by cardiovascular disorders. Life span in the medium age segment of 45-55 sunk by 11 years due to cardiovascular issues; every forth individual around 40 years old age has a heart attack.


Heart attack is today the number one epidemic and cause of death! What did medical establishment understand from these alarming figures?

• Medical concept about heart attack: One is as old as his arteries are. Arteries plaque creates thrombi (clots) and this is responsible for Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure (HBP), Angina Pectoris, all Cardiovascular diseases. Despite thousands of studies, arteriosclerosis has never been correctly understood as well as the heart attack

• Coronary vessels are very important securing the blood supply to the heart muscles. When coronary arteries are weakening, and a blood clot occurrs, the heart muscles stop working properly, the heart is cut off from blood supply. Coronary vessels are deadlocks arteries.

• From all medical and clinical studies, it is well known that arteriosclerosis affects all blood vessels in the human body; then, based on the number of existent blood vessels we would need to have 83% of infarcts in gastrointestinal vessels, 13% in the throat and head and only 4% in the heart.

• Another question the medical establishment has not answered is: why do we have heart infarct only in the left side of the heart? Why not on the right?

Beginning of 20th century many cardiologists from Europe experimented in hospitals and clinics and studied how heart attack occurs; their explanations are more plausible and explain all experimental data collected to thousands: here is what they figured out:

• The left ventricle does more work as the right one and the muscles on the left are more densified, left heart wall is several times heavier as the right ventricle wall. This creates more stress on the heart cells on the left side as on the right sided ventricle

• When pumping the arterial blood into the body, the left sided muscles and cells are pumping out of their capillaries the blood and thus the blood circulation is for some milliseconds cut off and this happens min. 70 times/min (Prof. Landois discovered this phenomenon in 1979).

• This blood stop/stenosis on the inside heart muscles seems to be the potential trigger of a heart attack. It always begins with dead points in the left heart cells, known as necrosis. The blood nourishment of heart cells is in this necrosis more and more deficient. When the heart is accelerating, pulse goes over 100 and sometimes over 150-180, then the blood circulation in these cells is even poorer, more heart tissue is dyeing, heart attack is coming closer

• Dr. Kern, a cardiologist in a German hospital found out that not a blood supply stop is the real cause of a heart attack, but the disturbed metabolisms of oxygen transported by the blood is the real cause of a heart attack. Logical consequence of this experimental clear information is that heart attack can be prevented and in acute cases it can be stopped only by using remedies which quickly re-establish a correct heart muscle metabolism.

• Strophanthin is the single natural product known today which can stop and prevent a heart attack as it reestablishes a healthy heart muscle metabolism in minutes after the intake

• 9 of 10 heart attacks are being stopped by using Strophanthin and this was what Dr. Kern did in the hospital where he was chief of cardiology department. This was fully documented in 1971.

Strophanthus Gratus is an African shrub; Strophanthin, known also as Ouabain is extracted from Strophanthus seeds. Strophanthin is a heart glycoside like Digitalis, however with a totally different pharmaco-dynamic; it is a signal transducer stimulating the heart metabolism, reducing Angiotensin II. Its bioactivity and absorption are almost instantly at minimum 67%.

• Strophanthin is also a body own hormone secreted in adrenal glands and Hypothalamus

• Strophanthin is working through the ubiquitous Natrium-Potassium Pump on different levels: Reduces Calcium content, higher fatty acids oxidation, reduces lactic acid concentration in the heart, reduces Noradrenalin production in heart neuronal cells, limiting thus Sympathetic activity and sustaining Parasympathicotonia; this helps blood vessels (arteries) to dilate and sustain a better blood circulation. It regulates blood pressure, either reducing Hypertonia or increasing Hypotonia. Strophanthin is reducing inflammatory processes, protects neuronal and kidney cells, increases Melatonin production (, helps heal dementia, glaucoma.

From 1885 until 1990 it was the medication of first choice for any heart attack or heart disorder such as Tachycardia, Angina Pectoris, High blood pressure (HBP), Heart Arrhythmia.


Approximately 1 in 3, nearly 70 million, American have high blood pressure. But only half of those people have their condition under control. Many people develop high blood pressure when they are in their early 40’s and it occurs more frequently as people age.

Hypertension, another name for high blood pressure, is often called a “silent killer.” This is because you can have hypertension without even knowing it. When blood pressure is uncontrolled for a longer time, it significantly increases your risk of having a heart attack, stroke, and other life-threatening conditions. Ho to fight back against the “silent killer”?

Contrary to the dogma that HBP is a disease, we consider that it is a symptom, a defense mechanism the body uses to secure an optimal blood flow to all cells at any time. High Blood pressure is a dynamic expression of different imbalances many of which are related to your lifestyle:

  1. Chemical (nutrition, hydration, smoking, alcohol, heavy metals, toxins, drugs medication, sugar and wheat poisoning)
  2. Emotional (stress, depression, trauma, psychological shock, burned out syndrome)
  3. Physical (age, family history, medical conditions, lack of physical exercise, overweight, kidney conditions, hormonal imbalances)

Most of cardiovascular disorders are a result of blood imbalances. Blood is characterized by a specific chemical composition, very narrow pH range, an optimal content of carbon dioxide (CO2) and blood viscosity; changes of these parameters will change the blood pressure:

  1. If you are not well hydrated, the blood viscosity will increase, and the heart will have to increase the blood pressure to be able to pump the blood through all vessels and maintain a good circulation and cells’ oxygenation
  2. There are 4 important electrolytes supporting the life of all cells: sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium; imbalances between these four elements will dysregulate the blood pressure and cardiac rhythm
  3. The blood pH supporting life must be always at 7.35-7.45 and this is controlled by the carbon dioxide content in the blood, which must be always at 6.5% equal to minimum 35, preferably 40 mm mercury column; the same carbon dioxide controls the blood vessels dilation and constriction, the wall stiffness

In this video we tell you what to do to manage a healthy blood pressure without using drugs such as beta blockers, blood thinners, statins (anti-cholesterol drugs), etc. Often it is more accepted to fail conventionally than to succeed unconventionally.


Our bodies are electrical circuits. Everything we do is controlled and enabled by electrical signals running through our bodies. Since everything relies on these electrical signals, a breakdown in the body’s electrical system becomes a real survival problem.

Is there a holistic therapy method that takes advantage of this electric working principle of our body? Turns out there is, and it is called galvanic therapy.

The galvanic fine-current therapy is a treatment method based on the natural electric functioning principle of the body.

Galvanic current is generated by a galvanic element, which is a battery; it is in the range of 40 – 150 mA and flows continuously from the positive pole (+) towards the negative pole (-). Galvanic current is different from alternating current such as the AC current from the power grid and different from vibrational and pulsating current such as in TENS, ZAPPER, interference currents, which are sending frequencies to tease the body. Galvanic currents are free of frequencies and pulses.

Galvanic Therapy is painless and free of side effects. Galvanic Therapy systems can be used regardless of age and have a wide area of applications, ranging from fitness, over health, beauty and wellness. One of the best galvanic therapy systems available on the market today is the VEGETBALANCE SYSTEM. It is MADE IN GERMANY, offers impeccable accuracy and quality and is also very affordable, easy-to-use and scientifically proven. It comes in two versions, the VEGETBALANCE HOME for private use and the VEGETBALANCE THERAPRO for professional use. Both systems come with a wide array of electrodes for custom applications to fit your personal needs.

Learn everything you need to know about the electric body and the amazing Vegetbalance Galvanic Therapy Systems and their many applications in this video!



  • Empowers body‘s self-healing potential
  • Optimizes metabolism
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation
  • Triggers and supports deep detoxification
  • Support fast wound healing and tumor necrotisation
  • General regeneration, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial
  • Activates and balances CNS and ANS, cell regeneration
  • Mobilizes deposits in blood vessels and joints
  • Stimulates endocrine activity
  • Harmonizes and vitalizes the body
  • Opens up Qi/Prana energy blockages, balances meridians and energy flow
  • Balances the electrolytes
  • Activates nerves synapses and neuronal cells regeneration
  • Supports scar free wounds healing
  • Improves the quality of the skin

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