In 1975, a mysterious illness causing arthritis in children showed up in Lyme, a city in Connecticut and adjacent communities. It became known as Lyme disease. The new illness was found to be associated with tick bites. Lyme disease is triggered by a type of bacteria called Borrelia Burgdorferi and associated micro-parasites (protozoa) passed through tick and possibly other insect bites.

Lyme disease is the underlying cause for many debilitating conditions such as Diabetes, insulin resistance, Cancer, MS, Dementia, Autism, Arthritis, cardio-vascular conditions and many more. It is difficult to correctly diagnose and treat Lyme disease and this was the starting point to the research we present in our newest video.

Because Lyme disease is hard to diagnose, no organization has any idea how many people worldwide are infected. The CDC says Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne infectious diseases in the US.

300,000 is the annual number of Lyme disease patients reported, 10 times more than previously reported, with 25,000 new cases every month; the real infection rate is supposed to be even higher.

The focus of our newest video is to present a total, integrative treatment concept based on natural remedies, supplements and treatment devices for curing Lyme disease.

But you also learn everything else you need to know about Lyme disease, including what causes it, which symptoms to look out for and how to test for it.


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We all know that Diabetes is one of the most prevalent conditions of our era, with millions of people affected by it. What is less known however is that, apart from lifestyle choices and obesity, there is a third factor that can affect our blood sugar and cause or aggravate the diabetic condition. This factor is electrosmog.

In our newest video we present clear, scientific evidence for the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and blood sugar levels and introduce you to what has been called Type 3 diabetes.

We help you answer the question whether you suffer from Type 3 diabetes and present some affordable, efficient and easy-to-use solutions to shield yourself from electromagnetic radiation and improve not only your blood sugar situation, but your general wellbeing.

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