In Europe, every 90 seconds occurs a death due to heart conditions; yearly over 18 Billion are being spent on cardiovascular diseases, in USA over 70 Billion p.a. In the USA, there are over 600,000 people dying yearly because of heart conditions and one quarter of them is younger than 65. Half of the people who are forced to retire early do so because of heart and cardiovascular problems.

Younger people are being affected by cardiovascular disorders. Life span in the medium age segment of 45-55 sunk by 11 years due to cardiovascular issues; every forth individual around 40 years old age has a heart attack.

Heart attack is today the number one epidemic and cause of death!

Learn how you can prevent heart attack, heal Angina pectoris, regulate HBP and much more by watching our following video :


  • Medical concept about heart attack: One is as old as his arteries are. Arteries plaque creates thrombin (clots) and this is responsible for Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure (HBP), Angina Pectoris, all Cardiovascular diseases. Despite thousands of studies, neither arteriosclerosis nor heart attack, the heart INFRACT, which means a “blockage” has been correctly understood. Thrombin are blood clots forming in arteries and this is what you learn today about arteriosclerosis and heart attack.
  • Coronary vessels are very important securing the blood supply to the heart muscles. When coronary arteries are weakening and a blood clot occurred, the heart muscles stop working properly, the heart is cut off from blood supply. Coronary vessels are deadlocks arteries.
  • From all medical and clinical studies, it is well known that arteriosclerosis affects all blood vessels in human body; thus, we would need to find 83% of infarcts in gastrointestinal vessels, 13% in the throat and head and only 4% in the heart.
  • Another question medical establishment did not answer is: why do we have heart infarct only in the left side of the heart? Why not on the right?

Beginning of 20th century many cardiologists from Europe experimented in hospitals and clinics and studied how heart attack occurs; their explanations are more plausible and explain all experimental data collected by the thousands: Here is what they figured out:

  • The left ventricle does more work as the right one and the muscles on the left are more densified, left heart wall is several times heavier than the right wall. This creates more stress on the wall heart cells as on the right sided ventricle
  • When pumping the arterial blood into the body, the left sided muscles and cells are pumping out of their capillaries the blood and thus the blood circulation is cut off for some milliseconds and this happens min. 70 times/min (Prof. Landois discovered this phenomenon in 1979).
  • This blood stop/stenosis on the inside heart muscles seems to be the potential trigger of a heart attack. It always begins with dead points in the left heart cells, known as necrosis. The blood nourishment of heart cells in this necrosis becomes more and more deficient. When the heart is accelerating, pulse goes over 100 and sometimes over 150-180, then the blood circulation in these cells is even poorer, more heart tissue is dying, heart attack is coming closer
  • Dr. Kern, a cardiologist in a German hospital, found out that not a blood stop is the real cause of a heart attack, but the disturbed metabolisms of oxygen transported by the blood. The logical consequence of this clear experimental information is that heart attacks can be prevented and in acute cases it can be stopped only by using remedies which quickly can re-establish a correct heart muscle metabolism.
  • Strophanthin is the single natural product known today, which can stop and prevent a heart attack as it reestablishes a healthy heart muscle metabolism in minutes after the intake
  • 9 of 10 heart attacks can be stopped by using Strophanthin and this was what Dr. Kern did in the hospital where he was chief of the cardiology department. This was fully documented in 1971.

Strophantus Gratus is an African shrub; Strophanthin, known also as Ouabain is extracted from the seeds. Strophanthin is a heart glycoside, like Digitalis, however with a totally different pharmaco-dynamic; it is a signal transducer stimulating the heart metabolism, reducing Angiotensin II. Its bioactivity and absorption is almost instantly at minimum 67%

  • Strophanthin is a body-own hormone secreted in the adrenals and Hypothalamus
  • Strophanthin is working through the ubiquitous Natrium-Potassium Pump on different levels: Reduces Calcium content, higher fatty acids oxidation, reduces lactic acid concentration in the heart, reduces Noradrenalin production in heart neuronal cells, limiting thus Sympathicon activity and sustaining Parasympathicotonia; this helps blood vessels (arteries) to relax and dilate and sustain a better blood circulation. It regulates blood pressure, either reducing hypertonia or increasing hypotonia. Strophanthin is reducing inflammatory processes, protects neuronal and kidney cells, increases melatonin production (, helps heal dementia, glaucoma.

From 1885 until 1990 it was the medication of first choice for any heart attack or heart disorders such as Tachycardia, Angina pectoris, High blood pressure (HBP), Heart Arrhythmia.



For many decades doctors have trusted the test results generated by the Vega Test and Vega Check methodology. Vega Testing is a synthesis between TCM acupuncture, electroacupuncture and a very specific organ testing methodology on one point only.

Take advantage NOW of the Vega testing methodology, developed over decades of R & D and materialized in the latest state of the art diagnostic devices, made in Germany and save BIG! Help your patients with the most accurate methodology to find the root causes of their suffering and offer thereby the most suitable and complex holistic therapy.

General health conditions that can be diagnosed and treated with Wegamed diagnostic devices are: CHRONIC health conditions, Inflammatory or degenerative conditions, Balance body energy, Regulate metabolism, Diagnosis of latent burdens, vaccines damages or toxins, Geopathic stress, Allergies and food intolerance, Diagnosis of parasites, viruses or bacteria, Pain therapy, Remedies and treatment compatibility, Practitioners can produce custom-tailored homeopathic remedies during the treatment session (with our devices only).


Total diagnostic time is between 5 to 30 min only. TEP is an excellent tool for medical clinics, as it is fully certified in Europe and registered with FDA in USA.

Test Expert Plus (TEP) measures body bio impedance and develops a synergistic dialog with all organs. When an interfering field of microbes or toxins is introduced in the circuit, a bioimpedance occurs a change in the measurement values (readings). Depending on testing substances used, as well based on the body biofeedback, you can precisely determine the root causes versus the symptoms.

VEGA TEST method, including homeopathic remedy testing is integrated into this system. TEP can do also measurements in classical electrodermal screening (EDS) mode. TEP is comparing measurements in normal and energetically excited induced states (provocation), a prerequisite of a modern bioenergetic diagnostic device of the latest generation. TEP enables also a fine tuning of the therapy especially through the supportive System-Information-Therapy (SIT). Electric stimulated (provocation) therapy with rolling electrodes is an excellent tool for determination of interfering disturbances in an excitation mode.

Fully automated guided diagnostic for energy screening shows energy status of the patient, his/her regulation capacity and it is an indication of field interferences and foci.

Mouth currents measurements are possible using a tooth electrode to determine interactions between teeth and organs; measurements are done between two teeth or between a tooth and gum according Dr. Kramer method, showing permanent patient’s burdens.

Metabolic regulation therapy (SRT); using a special SRT pre-recorded program you can perform a metabolism energy diagnostic. Alternative you can run a specific therapy for organs involved in metabolism regulation. Finally, through energy testing it is possible to scan the energy level of the patient and see how he did react to SRT therapy.

Meridian-Status is determined by measuring special acupuncture points located on the hands and feet. The points measured in a very clear and specific order are recorded in the system. By comparing the left and right values of the points can be elaborated a pre-diagnosis and establish first therapy directions.


Another diagnostic device working according the Vega Check principle is Check Medical Sport (CMS). This device evaluates body energy disturbances by using segment bio-impedance measurement with hand electrodes and provocation currents. It delivers a complete energy profile, showing energy deficiencies and energetic reserves for each organ system, organs’ dysfunctions, infections and degenerations. The total check time is 8 minutes. Amazing!

Specific body regions (segments) are thoroughly measured, before and after a minimal current provocation, in a predetermined program sequence. The readings are displayed graphically and numerically. With additional pulsed current provocation can be detected the auto-regulation potential and possible stress located in selected body segments. Results are indicating toxicity and exogenous burdens.

Check medical Sport additionally delivers info about acid-base mesenchymal status, muscles and corresponding organs. It is an excellent and unique tool for prevention, fitness status and a quick overview of patient health condition with major foci’s. It is enough to establish a major therapy plan.


Prefit Bodyscan (PBS) is a simplified version of CMS, which is used mainly in wellness, SPA resorts, in fitness studios, sports clubs, physiotherapy, rehabilitation clinics, retreats. Sport and nutrition are necessary for a healthy and good quality life. In 10 min Prefit Bodyscan scans in a fully automated mode all major body functions and elaborates different therapy plans. PBS determines how fast the energy reserves are used during a fitness session and so the fitness session can be more efficiently elaborated. Collected data about acid-base balance, nutrition, HRV, biorhythm clock is beneficial for a more customized training. Muscles analysis shows weakness and strength of the muscle system, joints and spine.