PROF. DR. YASSER EL-NAGGAR, FACULTY OF MEDICINE                                                                                                                             ZAGAZIG UNIVERSITY, EGYPT





Conception normally is achieved within twelve months in 80% – 85% of couples who use no contraceptive measures.

Infertility is failure of a couple to achieve pregnancy after a year of regular unprotected sex.

Oligospermia is a condition in which there is abnormally low number of sperm in the ejaculate of the male. The normal range of sperm count is between 20 – 120 millions per milliliter, sperm count below 20 million per milliliter indicate Oligospermia.

Data available over the past twenty years reveal that in approximately 30% of cases pathology is found in male alone, and in another 20% both the male and woman are abnormal . Therefore the male factor is at least partly responsible in about 50% of infertile couple ( Sandlow 2001 ).

Radionic analysis, diagnosis and therapy have progressed rapidly over the last twenty years. High success rate in treating different diseases which considered idiopathic in conventional medicine is a step forward development in the medical field.


Aim of the study:


The aim of this study is to prove that radionics has a role in treating idiopathic oligospermia patients, depending on fixed classification for letters and numbers, as a step to stabilize homeopathy as a base evidenced medicine, in a well controlled studies like conventional medicine.

At the same time it investigate the role of radionic analysis for the functions of prostate, testes, epididyms, seminal vesicle and vas deference which shares in the formation of semen, and any functional disorder of any one of them may affect sperm vitality or seminal fluid properties which may interfere with ovum fertilization. We must take in mind that some of these structures are not assessed functionally in conventional medicine.

Over all this study try to explain how non-material resonant vibrations, can balance the organ dysfunctions of oligospermic patients, on the way to improve sperm motility, decrease the percent of its abnormal forms, and increase sperm number.

Lastly this study planned to explain the effectiveness of natural means of diagnosis and therapy in reducing the percentage of idiopathic oligospermia and improved the outcome of infertility therapy especially in man.



Material and methods:


From 2002 to 2004, 18 cases of oligospermia were studied. For every case radionic organ dysfunction was diagnosed using the pendulum, which also used in selecting the specific homeopathic remedy for every disordered organ depending on proposed classification originated from an old Arabic classification for numbers and letters, which I found it of value to facilitate selection of the specific homeopathic remedy for any specific indication from over three thousand remedies which can not be memorized by any mind together with its clinical effects.

All the selected medicines tested for potencies, also by pendulum and prepared in sugar pellets or water drops by remedy maker.

Therapy was supplement by fixed herbal formula including, L-carnitine tablets, Ginseng and black seed capsules.

For every case semen analysis was done before therapy and every two months then retesting the patient blood specimen, diagnosing the new organ disorder and giving the selected homeopathic remedies, the tissue salt or Bach flower remedy using pendulum.

Semen analysis was performed according to WHO guidelines of normal values which are: volume 2 ml or more, sperm count 20 million / ml or more, motility 50% or more, morphology 30% or more with normal forms ( WHO 1999 ).

Statistical analysis was done for the resulting data and the results were evaluated.



Naggar classification:


During the last 10 years of using pendulum for radionic analysis, diagnosis and therapy, I had tried a number and letter classification, based on an old Arabic one, to help me to select the indicated homeopathic remedies in simple easy way, instead of testing long lists of remedies to select the resonant one to the patient wetness.

Classification of numbers and letters is:


A              B              C              D              E              F              G              H              I

1              2                3              4               5              6               7               8              9


J              K              L              M              N              O              P              Q              R

10           20             30             40             50             60             70             80            90


S              T              U              V              W              X              Y              Z

100          200          300           400           500           600           700          800








If I sum the numbers of each letter it results in:


A              B              C              D              E              F              G              H              I

1               2               3               4              5              6                7              8              9


J              K              L              M              N              O              P              Q              R

1              2               3               4               5              6               7               8               9


S              T              U              V              W              X              Y              Z

1               2              3               4               5                6               7              8




Also can be arranged in this way:



1                                                  2                                                  3

A J S                                           B K T                                          C L U


4                                                  5                                                  6

D M V                                         E N W                                         F O X


7                                                  8                                                  9

G P Y                                          Z H Q                                             I R


By using pendulum you can select the resonant number for the blood specimen i.e. whole body resonant number, and also the resonant letter from the three letters under this number .Then select the resonant homeopathic remedy from the list of homeopathic remedies which start with this letter in their names. If you evaluate this selected remedy according to your knowledge about it, or even if you read this remedy again in the

repertory you will find that it cover most of the symptoms of the patient especially the main symptom. Then you can continue to select the indicated remedy for every organ

disordered, or for the diagnosed disease by conventional medicine or for laboratory test results which were abnormal.

After selecting the indicated remedies you can test the potency, first the letter (dilution) then the number, for every remedy in the same way from the following table:


X                    C                    M                    CM                    MM                    LM


1              2              3              4              5              6              7              8              9

10            20            30            40            50            60            70            80            90

100          200          300          400          500          600          700          800          900


If you test the potencies which resonate with patient blood sample, you will get the best results which can not obtained if you chose the best remedy and give it according to the potency you decide depending on the experience which vary very much between different practitioners but can not vary if you depend on radionic means to select the resonating potency.

For selection of tissue salts, nosodes, flower remedies, element, colour, etc., you test their resonance directly because they present in small number of remedies and then test their potencies.








This study included 18 patients, their ages were between 27 and 45 years old and their mean age was 32 ± 4.3 years.


Table (1) count of sperms million per ml


Number of patients









Time of therapy

( months )

At the start of therapy After 2 months After 4 months After 6 months
Mean ± SD 27.4 ± 28 46.1 ± 40.9 44.3 ± 40.7 29.2 ± 22.96
Range 0 – 90 0.01 – 120 0 – 110 1 – 52
Median 19 40 40 35


Table (1) represents the sperm count at the start of therapy and every two months with a mean of 27.4 ± 28 before the start of treatment, and 46.1 ± 40.9 , 44.3 ± 40.7 and

29.2 ± 22.96 after 2, 4 and 6 months respectively. It shows that there is always increase in the number of sperms in relation to the start result every 2 months, except in three patients in one of them sperm count increased from 0.015 sperm in million per milliliter up to one million per milliliter over 10 months, then stop at one million, he is a policeman in very important position with very high level of stress.

In the other patient sperm number increased from 0.010 up to 0.5 million per milliliter over two months and return to zero suddenly in the next 2 months after he has taken 3 antibiotics prescribed by his physician for acute tonsillitis and he stop follow up with me.

In the third patient sperm count increased from zero count up to 0.25 million / ml and stopped follow up with me.











Table (2) volume of seminal fluid in ml:


Number of patients










Time of therapy

( months )

At the start of therapy After 2 months After 4 months After 6 months
Mean ± SD 2.5 ± 1.4 3.16 ± 0.7 3.6 ± 1.17 3 ± 1.7
Range 0.5 – 6 1 – 4 1 – 5 2 – 5

Table (2) shows the volume of seminal fluid at the start of therapy and every 2 months with a mean volume of 2.5 ± 1.4 ml at the start of treatment which increase to 3.16 ± 0.7 ml after 2 months in 18 patients, a mean of 3.6 ± 1.17 ml after 4 months in 10 patients and 3 ± 1.7 ml after 6 months in 3 patients.

Theses results are within the normal range except in one patient which stops at 1 ml during 4 months of treatment.



Table (3) abnormal forms of sperms in % (percent):


Number of patients










Time of therapy


At the start of therapy After 2 months After 4 months After 6 months
Mean ± SD 41.4 ± 20.8 31.5 ± 11.5 26.3 ± 12.4 29.3 ± 5.1
Range 0 – 80 8 – 50 0 – 40 25 – 35


Table (3) shows the percent of the abnormal forms of sperms, with a mean of

41.4 ± 20.8 at the start of therapy and 31.5 ± 11.5 after 2 months in 18 patients,

26.3 ± 12.4 after 4 months in 10 patients and 29.3 ± 5.1 after 6 months in 3 patients.

Abnormal forms were decreasing in most of the patients to normal ranges.















Table (4) motility of sperms in % (percent):


Number of patients










Time of therapy


At the start of therapy After 2 months After 4 months After 6 months

First hour

Mean ± SD 29.1 ± 14.9 45.2 ± 16.6 43 ± 22.1 39.6 ± 30.8
Range 0 – 50 0 – 60 0 – 60 5 – 64

Second hour

Mean ± SD 21.1 ± 13.9 33.1 ± 14.6 35.4 ± 19.6 35.6 ± 23.7
Range 0 – 40 0 – 50 0 – 55 10 – 57

Third hour

Mean ± SD 18.1 ± 13.3 26.2 ± 12 30.2 ± 18.6 31.6 ± 23.6
Range 0 – 40 0 – 50 0 – 50 5 – 50

Fourth hour

Mean ± SD 11.8 ± 10.1 18.7 ± 11.8 21.8 ± 18.1 20.3 ± 20.5
Range 0 – 30 0 – 40 0 –  40 0 – 41


Table (4) shows the percent of sperm motility with a mean of 29.1 ± 14.9 in the first hour, 21.1 ± 13.9 in the second hour, 18.1 ± 13.3 in the third hour and 11.8 ± 10.1 in the fourth hour, at the start of therapy in 18 patients.

After 2 months of treatment the mean was 45.2 ± 16.6 in the first hour, 33.1 ± 14.6 in the second hour, 26.2 ± 12 in the third hour and 18.7 ± 11.8 in the fourth hour in 18 patients.

After 4 months of treatment the mean was 43 ± 22.1 in the first hour, 35.4 ± 19.6 in the second hour, 30.2 ± 18.6 in the third hour, 21.8 ± 18.1 in the fourth hour in 10 patients.

After 6 months of treatment the mean was 39.6 ± 30.8 after the first hour, 35.6 ± 23.7 in the second hour, 31.6 ± 23.6 in the third hour and 20.3 ± 20.5 in the fourth hour.

These results show that motility improved in most of patients.










In this study 18 cases of oligospermia patients not responding to the conventional treatment over a period ranged from 2 – 19 years were diagnosed by pendulum and treated by rates and fixed herbal formula.

In the period between 1995 up to 2002 I have treated many cases by combined acupuncture and homeopathic remedies depending on pendulum diagnosis and therapy selection after optimizing its potency and preparing its rates in sugar pellets or water drops by a remedy maker machine. Some patients improved, some did not respond, but in all cases I could not able to differentiate which method is more effective, why there were no response in some cases and at the same time there no scientific basis to depend upon to evaluate patientsי diagnosis and therapy especially with acupuncture. So I refused to publish these results.

One day in 2002 one of my friends sent to me his son, his age was 25 years, married since 3 years, and because he is a very rich man he tried with his son all possible conventional treatments which all failed even two trials of in vitro insemination.

Pendulum diagnosis was done, homeopathic medicines, with its potencies were selected and an idea came to me to supplement this therapy with three herbal medicines known in Arabic and western medicines as having beneficial effect in oligospermia.

I suggested this way of therapy because the patient lived very far from me and acupuncture therapy was impossible, and my usual data about homeopathy was that it take long time to get effect and in my country if you did not achieve results in short time the patient will change his minds, because complementary medicine is not licensed and at the same time not popular and rejected by most physicians.

After two months I was very surprising because sperm count increased more than 20 millions / ml and motility and abnormal forms also improved. After 4 months sperm count increased 13 millions / ml more after repeating radionic analysis, diagnosis and therapy and motility and abnormal forms became within the normal ranges. His wife became pregnant at the 5th month during the third course of therapy and got a male child and another female after one year without any therapy which means that he became normal after both homeopathic and herbal combination and in addition his sperm count increased extra 10 million /ml more without treatment.

The results of this patient obtained after the first two months, encouraged me to try with other oligospermia patients, without trying to test which was more effective homeopathy or herbs , because every patient was exhausted by long time conventional treatment and depressed enough and came for results not for trial. I applied this therapy combination to the eighteen patients I received from 2002 – 2004 and I founded almost good results, sometimes the number of sperm increased by part of million per milliliter slowly, and sometimes many millions rapidly up to the normal ranges of sperm count, motility and abnormal forms.

Now I am satisfied from these early trials that radionic analysis, diagnosis and therapy works, homeopathic rates work and also herbal formula.

I found also it’s a chance to evaluate the number and letter classification which I supposed to be helpful for selecting the suitable homeopathic remedies, nosodes, tissue salts, flower remedies, colour and others and also its specific potency and I found it reduced the time of analysis and selection of remedies.

My goal was not to reject the classic homeopathy but trying to facilitate selection of remedies in simple way.

What make me think in this way is how many homeopathic remedies will be in the memory together with all its characters and medical indications from more than three thousand remedies, and if you used the computer to select the specific remedy according to your long exhausting history to collect the data upon which a number of remedies selected by the computer and you select the one with more symptoms of the patient.

This depend on self experience which take long time and vary between practitioner and another, and can not be used to facilitate homeopathic studies in a scientific way especially for the newly growing students of this branch.

How I can systemize all these homeopathic repertories in simple way to avoid confusion between them, to localize the suitable remedy, according to the specific experience of each author.

According to radionic analysis of body energy no one has stable body energy through his daily life which is filled of stress of different types and even foods which can affect the body organ energies in different ways of increase or decrease and in different percentages for each increase or decrease which may range between 0 – 100% and the reverse for decrease also. How can I decide that specific remedy can correct these variations in results which I do not measure, and how much correction will occur after the patient taking the remedy according to the reaction and resistance inside the body, physically and psychologically, which depend on the ability of the body or any of its organs to respond to the given remedy and how much strong or weak the pathogenic agent.

Lastly how can I make homeopathy as a branch accepted by other methods of treatment and based on strong scientific basis.

My own opinion is one way which may open the door for others to think in new ways to reevaluate homeopathy and how to test the new remedy on person which appear clinically normal and used as a control, but really his total or individual body organ energies are not within normal ranges, which will reflected as different symptoms and signs in persons exposed to test of any substance but all have different internal energies, this will give us false positive symptoms and signs by different authors who write on the same remedy.

One way to standardize the homeopathic remedies action is to test them radionically in the reverse way, that means to test which organ or function this remedy is resonating with inside the body, depending on physiological ranges we know.

Diagnosis and treatment of oligospermia by radionic means depend on code number or rate and no active substance is present in treatment, even there is no human interference of any way in the preparation of the medicine, which may change the internal vibration of the substance which affect the physiological functions of the patients.


Herbal supplementation:

In this study the eighteen patients received herbal supplement three times daily through the whole time of therapy. These herbs are:

  1. 1.     L – carnitine tablets:  The main constituent is carnitine which is a substance made in the body and also found in supplements and some food as meat. It appears to be necessary for normal functioning of sperm cells, 3 – 4 grams / day for four months has helped to normalize sperm motility in men with low sperm quality (Costa , et al 1994 and Vitali et al 1995).
  2. 2.     Ginseng capsules:  Ginseng restore vital energy, increase sexual desire, raise testosterone level, increase sperm count and motility, improve mental activity and overcome the effects of stress. Ginseng strengthens the adrenal and reproductive glands and enhances immune function. It relieves fatigue and stress, increase energy and restore vitality and used in impotence and infertility. (Balch 2000, PDR 2000).
  3. Black seed or black cumin: Black seed is an herb that has traditionally been used for thousands of years in the Middle East, Far East and Asia as an herbal health aid (Kabal 2002). It is used for respiratory, stomach and intestinal disorders, kidney and liver dysfunctions, circulatory and immune system support, impotence and male infertility.

New dimension of radionics in male infertility:

This type of therapy add to conventional method a new dimension, as it improve the functions of prostate, seminal vesicle, tests, epididymis and vas deference, which all share in the formation of semen, and so they are considered vital organs, analyzing them, balancing their energy dysfunction by the specific homeopathic remedy for each of them, ensure that they function normally in order to produce normal semen.

Mature sperms production takes about 70 days, seminiferous tubules in tests, epididymis, vas deference and prostate are responsible for production, mobility and vitality of sperm.

If they have energy imbalance their function will be disturbed and this reflected on production, maturation and viability of sperms which may be hindered.

Also more than 90% of seminal fluid added by prostate and seminal vesicle and their dysfunction will affect the volume of semen.

Sperms released from the testes and travel to the epididymis where they become more mature and mobile, then stored until ejaculation. Energy disorder of epididymis affects its function of storage and more maturation and mobility of sperms.

So, for normal semen, all structures sharing in its formation and maintaining its health must be energetically balanced i.e. function normally, and this is the unique effect of radionics in treating idiopathic oligospermia.

Lastly, I summarize the multidimensional role of radionics in idiopathic oligospermia:

  1. Diagnosis energy or function disorder in clinically normal person.
  2. Select the indicated homeopathic remedies, tissue salt, flower remedies, nosodes, elements and colour together with its potency i.e. treat the patient by different ways which cooperate and synergize each other.
  3. Balance all body organs functions, so maintaining the general health of the normal apparent healthy person, but not so, because he had internal organ energy dysfunction and he is not aware of it , and may be the idiopathic cause of oligospermia and not the genital system dysfunction .
  4. Prove that not every disease is organic in origin, but the energy disorder is the key cause and its balance is the key for therapy.
  5. Very simple way of diagnosis and therapy because it depend on blood , hair , or any body secretion or excretion for testing and not depend on the presence of patient  which may be in another country
  6. Treatment only is by energetic substances and no side effects at all of its use.
  7. Can balance body functions of both the male and the female at the same time , so avoid some hidden causes , which can not be explained by conventional medicine or by radionics, but the results explain it.






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A survey study of 2000 cases diagnosed and treated with Mars III radionic device in a year and a half


A survey study of 2000 cases diagnosed and treated by M.A.R.S.III device in a year and a half

El-Naggar Mohamed, El-Naggar Yasser, El-Taweel Fatma




Every substance animate or inanimate had a vibration, every cell had vibration, every tissue, every organ had a vibration, and even the whole body had a specific vibration through its whole life since birth till death (Bhattacharya 1994).

Any substance which had vibration had a rate, so in radionic, diagnosis depends on rate disorders, and therapy corrects these disorders by other therapeutic rates. Every substance enter the body even food must resonate with it to be therapeutic.

All things are rates (Pythagoras 580 –500 B C.). A rate in radionics is the name given to a series of numbers which are said to represent the vibration or wave form of a physical organ of the body, pathological states or diseases, bacteria, viruses, minerals, elements and so forth. In fact a rate can be made for anything (Tansely 1982).

M.A.R.S.III radionic computerized device diagnose and treat through rates.

The aim of this study was to make a scientific survey for these 2000 patients, to prove from one hand that different patients, who tried conventional therapies with no response, always tried other methods. On the other hand to prove that M.A.R.S.III device is a practical mean for diagnosis and therapy for different diseases without any limitations and without any side effects.

Lastly to present some abnormal cases really were resistant to medical treatment or difficult to be treated because of the abnormal circumstances and treated with complete cure with M.A.R.S.III in time. These cases came to try, after they failed their hope of the usual treatment.


Material and methods:

2000 cases represented the material of this study were classified according to main complaint of the patients, with no regard to other complaints, to easy clarify our goal of showing the most common diseases which visited us in this period for diagnosis and therapy.

We used M.A.R.S.III bioresonance device for both diagnosis and therapy which may be prepared in sugar pellets or water drops or may broadcasted because the patient is very far from us need emergency help or it is impossible to send the treatment by sugar pellets or water drops in short time.


Diagnosis included:

A-  Assessment of energy of all body organs and systems, by testing 7 abnormal structures in every organ or system. We called it “General Test” and it includes:

  1. Aura and chakras 7.
  2. Brain 7.
  3. Digestive system 7.
  4. Glandular system 7.
  5. Heart and circulatory system 7.
  6. Lymphatic system 7.
  7. Muscular system 7.
  8. Nervous system 7.
  9. Respiratory system 7.
  10. Urinary and reproductive system 7.


B-  Assessment of pathogenic agents which caused energy disorder and disease pattern,

By testing 3 stresses in every pathogenic agent. We called them “Pollution” and it


1.   Acids, organs, general 3.

2.   E – Smog 3.

3.   Food additives 3.

4.   Geopathic stress 3.

5.   Microbiology 3.

6.   Parasites 3.

7.   Toxins and toxic burden 3.

8.   Vaccination 3.

Treatment was planned to use different therapies, available by the device in order to achieve the best results .I selected 7 items from every therapy as follows:

1)      Homeopathy:

a)      Homeopathic formulas 7.

b)      Homeopathic miasms 7.

c)      Homeopathic nosodes 7.

d)     Homeopathic remedies 7.

e)      Tissue salts remedies 7.

2)      Flower remedies 7.

3)      Chromo-therapy 7.

4)      Gemstones and minerals 7.

5)      Vitamins 7.


All medicines were tested for potency and prepared in sugar pellets or water drops by the same device.




This study included 2000 patients complaining of different diseases which were already diagnosed and treated by conventional methods of treatment, but the patient still complaining, so he came searching to be relieved from his pains or balance his blood sugar or blood pressure because his drugs can not balance him in spite of high doses prescribed by their physicians or to find a cure for his irritating problem as infertility.

The 2000 patients were classified according to the main disease they complaining of, also classified according to the prevalence in males and females, and the number of patients which suffer from every disease as explained by the following table:



Disease Number Male Female
  1. Obesity
257 48 209
  1. Infertility
163 88 75
  1. Cancer
101 51 50
  1. Bronchial asthma
92 35 57
  1. Virus-C hepatitis
92 68 24
  1. Headache
90 44 46
  1. Chronic arthritis
89 44 45
  1. Diabetes mellitus
85 45 40
  1. Knee osteo-arthritis
69 27 42
  1. Debility
65 25 40
  1. Rheumatoid arthritis
58 19 39
  1. Chronic colitis
48 13 35
  1. Low back pain






  1. Depression
39 15 24
  1. Chronic urticaria
35 14 21
  1. Acne vulgaris
32 3 29
  1. Chronic sciatica
31 14 17
  1. Migraine
31 15 16
  1. Nocturnal enuresis
29 15 14
  1. Gastritis
27 14 13
  1. Cerebral palsy
23 13 10
  1. Impotence
22 22 0
  1. Chronic tonsillitis
22 9 13
Disease Number Male Female
  1. Gall bladder stones
21 6 15
  1. Chronic fatigue
20 6 14
  1. Chronic sinusitis
19 13 6
  1. Chronic rhinitis
20 8 12
  1. Smoking
18 13 5
  1. Frozen shoulder
18 12 6
  1. Stiff neck
16 8 8
  1. Hypertension
16 9 7
  1. Falling of hair
15 1 14
  1. Chronic cough
14 5 9
  1. Liver cirrhosis
13 11 2
  1. Hirsutism
12 0 12
  1. Gout
12 6 6
  1. Chronic leucorrhoea
12 0 12
  1. Hemiplegia
10 8 2
  1. Alopecia
10 8 2
  1. Eczema
10 4 6
  1. Chronic tinnitus
9 5 4
  1. Chronic vertigo
9 2 7
  1. Nocturnal enuresis
9 5 4
  1. Peripheral neuritis
9 5 4
  1. Insomnia
9 2 7
  1. Galactorrhoea
9 0 9
  1. Hypothyroidism
8 0 8
  1. Hyperthyroidism
8 3 5
  1. Anemia
7 3 4
  1. Epilepsy
7 2 5
  1. Recurrent fever
7 6 1
  1. Chronic excessive sputum
7 5 2
  1. Spring catarrh
7 3 4
  1. Decrease lactation milk
7 0 7
  1. Chronic otitis media
6 5 1
  1. Recurrent boils
6 1 5
  1. Urinary incontinence
5 0 5
  1. Vitilligo
4 1 3
Disease Number Male Female
  1. Autism
4 3 1
  1. Chronic prostatitis
4 4 0
  1. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
4 0 4
  1. Deafness
3 2 1
  1. Virus B hepatitis
3 2 1
  1. Facial palsy
3 2 1
  1. Hiccough
2 2 0
  1. Chronic laryngitis
2 2 0
  1. Mediterranean fever
2 1 1
  1. Trigeminal neuralgia
2 1  
  1. Acute laryngitis with loss of voice







  1. Autoimmune hepatitis
1 0 1







Every substance has specific oscillation information. The physiological oscillations are the same in all humans. A healthy person is not a person whose oscillation spectrum only contains, physiological oscillations, but the well-being and organ frequencies of this healthy person are not adversely affected by pathological oscillations present.

On the other hand, every function disorder and pathological phenomena in the body is accompanied or caused by electromagnetic oscillations (Brügemann 1993).

Using M.A.R.S.III bioresonance device we measured the pathological oscillations of different organs and tissues of the body. Sometimes one can surprise from the number of data obtained by measuring. But if we remembered that in healthy cells up to 30,000 chemical reactions take place per second, and if we remembered also that DNA (deoxy ribo nucleic acid) is the information centre of the cell which contains all the genetic information and a library of ten thousand books would be needed to store the same amount of information which contained in the DNA as genetic information. This code can be distorted and trigger disease (Popp 1979). Also in one second around 10 million cells in the human body die and are promptly repaired (Köhler 1993).

If we noted that disease occur through a disturbance of the electromagnetic field in the cell and therapy restores the order of these oscillations.

According to all these facts, how daily life with its all different stresses, toxins in food, air and chemical drugs, in addition to the main pathologic agents who precipitate the apparent clinical symptoms and signs. How all these pathogens affect the physiological oscillation, can they disturb only the whole body oscillation, or one or more specific organ oscillation, can repair system in the body cope all disorders of repair replacing dead cells in every second which are exposed to many factors of stresses without any remaining pathological oscillations in the body.

As long as there were thousands of physiological oscillation hindered by many pathogenic agents, the net result were many pathogenic oscillation which measured by devices like M.A.R.S.III, and many therapeutic oscillations which were needed to balance the un-harmonized ones.

In this study patients tried conventional therapies with no response, came to us to try other methods of therapy, in order to be relieved from their pains or irritating symptoms or achieve a cure from the whole disease they suffered from for a long period of time. For this reason we must give them a good chance to find a new method with best results for their resistant diseases. So, in this study we present a promising machine used for diagnosis on all energetic levels of the body and treatment by many therapeutic means for different diseases through one and a half years of clinical practice without any bad comments from the patients which always achieve some sort of improvement in their health state with varying degrees up to complete cure.

These diseases were classified according to the number of patients whether males or females, in order to declare that M.A.R.S.III device can be used without any limitation in every patient to help him in one way or another.

First of all it can be used to balance all the organs and body energies and restore the normal vitality of all body structures. At the same time it can balance the diseased part of the body by hindering the pathological oscillations and replacing them by physiological ones.

Secondly we can treat diseases like obesity and debility by balancing body functions, by selecting the suitable diet, and by selecting the specific therapeutic remedies for obesity or debility. For all pains, emergency situations like spasms, dyspnea, fever, etc. we can give direct (instantaneous) broad cast followed by prolonged one, at regular intervals added to usual prescribing of sugar pellets or water drops. And sometimes we can supplement the patient with acupuncture therapy to achieve rapid improvement only. In cancer patients our goal was to balance body functions as we can, to maintain vitality of the body, to avoid the side effects of chemo- or radio therapy, to select the suitable food, to affect the cancer lesion itself but this not certain with us and no results up till now, and the same is used also in virus-C hepatitis. In the other diseases results were satisfying for patients who used their usual chemical drugs  until complete stabilizing of their clinical state and then we reduced the dugs gradually .In diseases like hypertension and diabetes mellitus  where the blood pressure or blood sugar are very high and resistant to the usual chemical treatment , after M.A.R.S.III device therapy they responded  to the chemical  drugs again and after this they either continued on them alone or combined with M.A.R.S.III device remedies or broadcasting which helped in reducing the drugs or changing insulin therapy into oral form and then reducing the oral  anti-diabetic drugs into smaller doses. In all diseases results evaluated by complete clinical improvement as in headache or pains generally or by biochemical test to normal levels or by improvement of other investigations parameters.


Examples of some cases cured by the help of MARS 111 device diagnosis and therapy:


Case 1

Female English patient 45 years old working in Sharm Elsheikh town which is about

300 kg from my town was complaining of acute headache not responding to many drugs taken along 4 hours. After a phone call from her husband I started broadcasting therapy by M.A.R.S.III 20 minutes every hour. In the next day she called me that her headache was improved within one hour and not returned again along one month after.


Case 2

Female Egyptian medical doctor 50 years old working in Saudi Arabia had an acute

attack of bronchial asthma with complete loss of voice not responding to any medical.

She came to Cairo and did many investigations and took many drugs without any complete improvement. I saw her after one month, in severe fatigue and dyspnia and aphonia.

Through blood sample I started instantaneous broadcasting and then 20 minutes every hour. At the end of the same day started improvement and after 3 days she came without dyspnia and less fatigue and her sound became normal after 3 weeks and returned again to her work in Saudi Arabia completely cured of this acute state after one month and continued sugar pellets remedy for 6 months and no more asthma therapy which was continued for years.


Case 3

Female Egyptian patient 43 years old lived in Germany had an attack of allergic bronchial asthma, and then hospitalized for emergency therapy. Her mother in Egypt asked my help for her because she was in a bad state. I started at once therapy broadcasting

After 3 days she discharged from the hospital after improvement of the acute state which always take 2 weeks every time. This case explain how broadcasting helping her in combination with normal chemical therapy. Really I myself surprised because I did my best, but I am not expecting these results especially in combination with orthodox treatment.


Case 4

Female nurse 28 years old suffered from acute laryngitis and sudden loss of voice after sudden exposure to cold.

The E.N.T. specialist examined her and prescribed for her drugs. For 2 weeks she was working in the hospital without any voice at all .One day I took blood sample from her

and I broadcasted her in the evening 10 pm. In the next morning I found her speak very well. I asked her what happen. She told me she left the hospital in last evening without any voice and went home and slept directly .In this morning she found her self speaking well and she did not know how this happened. I was surprised because I broadcasted her and she did not know and awaked completely cured from just overnight Tele-therapy. Also the E.N.T. specialist other doctors were surprised from this sudden improvement.


Case 5

Male patient 57 years old had low grade fever 0.5 – o.7 degrees during day and night

for 2 years, treated during them by 7 courses of antibiotics. ESR was 90 in the first hour

(0 ─ 5) in August 2003 and 119 in August 2004. His weight decreased 15 kg in one and a half years .He visited me in December 2004, diagnosis and therapy were made for

him .Within the next 2 months fever decreased in incidence , sometimes one day in the      week and some hours in the day .After another 2 months fever returned for 2 hours every  week .After 6 months of therapy the patient recovered completely  ESR became within  normal and he restored his body weight and vitality.


Case 6

A professor of surgery 55 years old had severe burning pain in the sole of the right foot

at the junction of the upper third and lower two thirds of the midline of the sole of the

foot which correspond to point kidney one in acupuncture. This burning nail sensation

came in attacks for half an hour and disappear for 2 hours. 7 professors examined him,

different drugs had been taken with no improvement, even special shoes was made for

him. Acupuncture sitting was given which improved the pain and decreased its recurrence. Then through blood spot diagnosis was done and therapy broadcasted to him which improved the pain about 90 % in 4 days, after which I gave him sugar pellets for 2 months with no return of pain.





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Scientists unlock structure of elusive 'stress' protein

Scientists unlock structure of elusive ‘stress’ protein                                                                                                                        Newly discovered structure of the protein receptor that controls our response to stress

Scientists working to design advanced medicines that are perfectly targeted to control the body’s natural receptors have made a major discovery using Diamond’s Microfocus Macromolecular Crystallography beamline (I24). For the first time, they have been able to visualise and study the structure of CRF1, the protein receptor in the brain which controls our response to stress.

Heptares Therapeutics, a leading UK-based drug discovery and development company, was responsible for identifying the 3D structure of the ‘stress’ receptor, and their results are published today in the journal Nature. This discovery will help scientists to develop improved treatments for depression and anxiety. Furthermore, having identified the architecture of CRF1, scientists now have a template that can be used to accelerate research into other protein receptors that are known to be in the same ‘family’, including those that can be targeted to treat Type 2 diabetes and .

Stress-related diseases such as depression and anxiety are now commonplace. 1 in 4 people experience some kind of  in the course of a year. Over 105 million work days are lost to stress each year, costing UK employers £1.2 billion.

The UK also faces a major health challenge from diabetes. In the past 20 years, the number of people in the country suffering from diabetes has more than doubled to 2.9 million. By 2025 it is estimated that 5 million people will have diabetes, and that most of these cases will be Type 2 diabetes.

Heptares is a leader in the development of drugs targeting certain protein receptors, called G protein-coupled receptors. Currently 30% of drugs for a variety of diseases target these receptors, making them the largest and most important family of  in the .

In the past, drug design has been largely the product of trial and error. Drugs would be developed and then tested until they had the desired effect. Because scientists lacked a comprehensive understanding of why and how the drugs were working, this approach could lead to unwanted side-effects.

A new way of making medicines, known as rational drug design, produces drugs that are specifically targeted to protein receptors in the body. By visualising the stress  at the atomic level, they were able, for the first time, to identify a ‘pocket’ in the structure. Computer technology will allow scientists to design a drug to fit precisely into this pocket, inhibiting the response of the ‘stress’ receptor. Such focused targeting will only affect the receptor they are aiming for and reduce the chance of unexpected side effects. The level of detail required for this work could only be achieved using the intense synchrotron light produced at Diamond Light Source, the UK’s synchrotron science facility in Oxfordshire. The synchrotron speeds electrons to near light speed, producing a light 10 billion times brighter than the sun. Around 2,500 scientists a year use this light to study samples, and its intensity allows them to visualise on a scale that is unobtainable in their home laboratories. Heptares is currently the biggest annual industrial user of the synchrotron.

Why do females respond better to stress? New study suggests it’s because of estrogen in the brain ?

he idea that females are more resilient than males in responding to stress is a popular view, and now University at Buffalo researchers have found a scientific explanation. The paper describing their embargoed study will be published July 9 online, in the high-impact journal, Molecular Psychiatry.

“We have examined the  underlying gender-specific effects of stress,” says senior author Zhen Yan, PhD, a professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics in the UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. “Previous studies have found that females are more resilient to , and now our research has found the reason why.”

The research shows that in rats exposed to repeated episodes of stress, females respond better than males because of the protective effect of estrogen. In the UB study, young  exposed to one week of periodic physical restraint stress showed no impairment in their ability to remember and recognize objects they had previously been shown. In contrast, young males exposed to the same stress were impaired in their short-term memory.

An impairment in the ability to correctly remember a familiar object signifies some disturbance in the signaling ability of the  in the prefrontal cortex, the brain region that controls working memory, attention, decision-making, emotion and other high-level “executive” processes. Last year, Yan and UB colleagues published in Neuron a paper showing that repeated stress results in loss of the glutamate receptor in the prefrontal cortex of young males. The current paper shows that the glutamate receptor in the prefrontal cortex of stressed females is intact. The findings provide more support for a growing body of research demonstrating that the glutamate receptor is the molecular target of stress, which mediates the .

The stressors used in the experiments mimic challenging and stressful, but not dangerous, experiences that humans face, such as those causing frustration and feelings of being under pressure, Yan says. By manipulating the amount of estrogen produced in the brain, the UB researchers were able to make the males respond to stress more like females and the females respond more like males.

“When estrogen signaling in the brains of females was blocked, stress exhibited detrimental effects on them,” explains Yan. “When estrogen signaling was activated in males, the detrimental effects of stress were blocked. “We still found the protective effect of estrogen in female rats whose ovaries were removed,” says Yan. “It suggests that it might be estrogen produced in the brain that protects against the detrimental effects of stress.”

In the current study, Yan and her colleagues found that the enzyme aromatase, which produces estradiol, an estrogen hormone, in the brain, is responsible for female stress resilience. They found that aromatase levels are significantly higher in the  of female rats. “If we could find compounds similar to estrogen that could be administered without causing hormonal side effects, they could prove to be a very effective treatment for stress-related problems in males,” she says. She notes that while stress itself is not a psychiatric disorder, it can be a trigger for the development of psychiatric disorders in vulnerable individuals.