16–20 percent of the total North American population suffers from frequent or chronic constipation. One-half of all doctor’s visits to gastroenterology offices are related to “functional digestive disorders” that cause constipation. It’s estimated that the annual expenditure on over-the-counter laxatives in the USA is now $800 million.


What causes constipation?

  • A diet low in fibre and vegetables, too high in proteins and carbs, especially in sugar & starch
  • Sedentary (involving much sitting) lifestyle and decreased physical activity
  • Insufficient water intake
  • Taking supplements such as calcium and iron
  • Overuse of drugs such as antacid medication, anti-depressants, laxatives, pain killers
  • Consume of too much diary products, especially cheese
  • Medical conditions linked to constipation are diabetes mellitus, spinal cord lesions, hypothyroidism, colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, MS, Parkinson’s, stress, pregnancy

Constipation symptoms & complications:

  • irregular bowel movement, 3-5 times/week stool evacuation instead of 3 times daily
  • difficulties in passing stool
  • hard, insufficient, unsatisfactory stool
  • accumulated gas in abdomen, bloating abdomen, pain in abdomen,
  • headaches and nausea
  • bleeding may occur while passing stool due to fissures/piles, or from passing hard stool
  • pain and burning in rectum may occur and continue even after passing stool
  • long standing constipation may lead to piles, anal fissures and rectal prolapse
  • abdominal hernia (inguinal hernia/umbilical hernia) may arise from long standing constipation
  • piles are swollen, dilated veins in rectal canal or anus
  • anal fissure refers to a tear in the tissue lining of the anus
  • rectal prolapse refers to protrusion of a part or the entire rectum from the anus
  • abdominal hernia is the protrusion of an organ through the abdominal wall or cavity which normally contains it

Constipation prevention & therapy:

There are different ways to prevent and treat constipation, which is a symptom and not a disease:

Diet & nutrition: The most important cause of constipation is diet with low dietary fiber and heavy fat. Diet which is high in fiber overcomes the constipation. Chronic constipation can be prevented in adults or children by following simple rules of diet habits:

  • Food should be properly chewed and each morsel for at least 12-15 times
  • Wholesome diet, fruits, boiled vegetables and soup is a good remedy
  • Vegetables like radish, turnip, peas, carrot, tomato, bitter gourd, beetroot, sprouts, coriander, cabbage are useful to relieve from constipation
  • Eat fresh fruits like avocado, guava, mango, orange, jamun, papaya, grapes
  • Increase the quantity of salads in your diet, recommended 7 coups of green vegetables/day
  • Increase the intake of watermelon, mangoes, cucumber
  • Drink more water, minimum 2 litter/day
  • Milk products like butter, ghee and cream are emollient
  • Dry fruits like fig, apricot and dates are laxative

Avoid Constipation causing foods:

  • Restrict your non-vegetable, fried, oily and junk foods, all constipating
  • Restrict bread, cakes, pasta, pizzas, burgers, cookies, responsible for constipation
  • Restrict cheese, yoghurt
  • Avoid spices, unhealthy fats, excessive salt
  • Avoid completely white flour, grains, starchy food, sweets, biscuits, preserves, white sugar, Avoid hard boiled egg

Supplements to treat and prevent constipation:

Sprouted chia seeds and flaxseeds, psyllium husk, cod liver oil, fruits fiber found in prunes, pears, apple pectin, probiotics together with prebiotic (inulin), aloe vera juice, castor oil.

Magnesium oxide best for treating constipation. For severe constipation, you will need to take a high dose for the first 24-48 hours, somewhere around 3000-4000 mg’s (total amount for the day) in divided doses. This means if you have the 400 mg capsules, you would need to take 8-10 spaced evenly throughout the day. Then for your maintenance dose (so you never get constipated again) you take somewhere near 500-700 mg’s a day, preferably before bed

Milk of Magnesia is also an effective treatment for constipation, especially during pregnancy. This is a fast-acting magnesium in liquid form, the most recommended constipation cure by doctors. For dosages and advice simply follow the directions on the bottle

Magnesium citrate works extremely well against constipation. You can buy this in either a liquid or powdered form.

Natural remedies:

Relieve constipation using herbal laxatives such as: Senna seeds, Cascara Sagrada, Fenugreek, Psyllium.

Best to prevent, treat and cure additional constipation complications are homeopathic remedies; homeopathic remedies treat constipation real causes, fistulas, piles, hemorrhoids and do not create dependency like laxatives. Best homeopathic remedies are: Nux Vomica, Bryonia, Alumina, Chelidonium Majus, Lycopodium, Causticum, Silicea, Antimonium Crudum, Aesculus Hippocastanum.



Worldwide Unique, Affordable, Modern Bioenergy Diagnostic

What does modern therapy have to provide to practitioners, patients and private users?

  • Customized therapy options
  • Fast, accurate therapy results
  • No need for other tools or devices
  • Cost-effectiveness to save your money
  • Easy–to–operate & understand
  • Perfect for multiple applications (health, nutrition, supplementation, medication, fitness, etc.)

We introduce BIOSCAN SWA –  unique, state of the art, bioenergetic diagnostic system coming with following features:

  • Painless & non-invasive diagnostic (no need to draw body fluids)
  • Fast, in 90 seconds completes scanning of more than 250 parameters
  • Exceptionally Cost-effective for doctors and patients
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Graphic display of results makes it easy to explain your patients the results
  • Reliable & reproducible results
  • Makes it easy to create individual therapy plan

Through diversity of measurements BIOSCAN-SWA® is applicable in many sectors:

  • Medical holistic Diagnosis
  • Monitoring of therapy efficiency
  • Administration of customized therapies
  • Best Prevention
  • Public health counselling
  • Fitness centres and competitive sports
  • Health shops
  • Retreats, schools
  • Sports clubs
  • SPA & Wellness, Ressorts

Meet also the BIOTONOMETER, the only device in the world, that can monitor LIVE the individual activity of Autonomic Nervous System branches, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic in seconds (real time response). The ANS is the control center of your body. All organs connect to your ANS which is responsible for the auto-regulation of all vital functions of inner organs.

  • With BIOTONOMETRY you can work out a better treatment by learning in details about the course of the disease stages mirrored in the sympathetic and parasympathetic activity
  • You can allocate correctly the diseases to specific organs
  • You can trace the progress of your therapy in real time
  • You can monitor and evaluate live which treatment resonates best, thereby avoiding incompabilities and refining your treatment


Modern bioenergy diagnostic tools such as the BIOSCAN & BIOTONOMETER help you improve your diagnosis and therapy approach and make better decisions:

  • You avoid side effects or risks for your patients
  • You eliminate non-efficient therapies
  • You also get rid of that “guess work”
  • You save time and money for you & your patients and offer a better overall health care
  • You get more referrals because you are successful
  • You can monitor the effects and decide about best nutrition, supplements, medication, different therapy modalities
  • You become independent in your clinic work and can save money & time for you and your patients

Do not hesitate to call us for more information and options.

Ride The Wave Of Life

Is there a simple but efficient modality to treat health conditions? Is there a kind of “tuning fork” for the body, a general holistic method to restore health, prevent diseases, slow the aging process? Human body contain over 75% cellular and extracellular water; the Panacea method to treat all diseases must target the water molecules. Water molecules resonate in a beneficial manner with certain frequencies, such a RADIO WAVES, therefore radio Waves are also known as Life Waves.

All metabolic, neurological and biochemical processes taking place in human body must be in harmony with water molecules vibrations and structure, thus in “resonance with cellular water”. With Aquatone devices water molecules are achieving a perfect symmetrical structure within seconds; this structure is healthy and is transmitted to body cells when using Aquatone for therapy.


Recently several countries in Europe adopted a resolution aiming to reduce health care costs; based on hundreds of scientific studies it was decided that by using Aquatone, Triomed and Smart Breathe devices, Strophanthin and some other specific supplements and remedies, elderly people gain another life quality and maintain a good health state. The health care costs in this case are reduced by over 4000%, which is beyond expectations and never achievable with actual health care systems.

Aquatone devices were studied worldwide by renowned universities and clinics, over 40000 patients were treated with Aquatone and therapy results were medically monitored. The results show clear therapy effects such as:

  • Anti-tumor effects and significant improvement of chemotherapy drugs bioactivity by reduced toxicity
  • Anti-stress effects, improved sleep, excellent depression and SAD effects
  • Respiratory conditions significant improvements in acute and chronic diseases
  • Arthritis and Arthrosis pain relief, increased joints mobility, rapid rehabilitation after accidents, stroke, injuries and surgeries
  • Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular therapy with blood pressure regulation, improved blood rheology and circulation, better trans capillary circulation
  • Significant immune boost
  • Lymph and organs detoxification
  • Antibacterial and antiviral
  • Anti-inflammatory effect

Aquatone devices are very straight forward, user’s friendly, can be used by doctors or at home by anyone. Aquatone is a very versatile device, all diseases can be treated with Aquatone with improving significantly your health in a short time of treatment. Aquatone is used topically where you have the pain, inflammations, infections, wounds, tumors. Aquatone has a tremendous rejuvenation and anti-aging effect and it can be used at any age, being always a passport to perfect health. All Aquatone devices are very affordable.

There are two Aquatone devices on the market:

and both are exclusively sold in USA and Canada by Lyra Nara

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