Herbeso Organs Regulator

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  • heals internal lessions and ulcers or sores
  • stops bleeding, anticoagulant
  • reduces obstructed menstruation, delays menopause
  • stomach aches relief, reduces abdominal pain
  • reduces abnormal sweating, indigestion
  • cicatrisant, soothes scras
  • supports digestion, speeds up digestive juices secretion
  • promotes regeneration of healthy cells
  • potent antiageing
  • natural diuretic, extracts uric acid
  • pain reliver from arthritis or rheumatism
  • inflammation reliever
  • cardiovascular support, regulates HBP & arrhytmia
  • promotes healthy intestinal function
  • insomnia fighter, stress reliever
  • skin cancer, melanoma fighter

Proprietary blend of Frankincense and Ylang Ylang with Ultra Pure DMSO.

Doage: 5 – 10 drops topically x 6 times/day or 3-5 drops orally x 3 times/day


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