Herbeso Pain Killer

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  • natural pain killer
  • inflammation reduction
  • natural headaches remedy
  • treats sinuses, respiratory diseases asthma
  • anesthetec, decongestant, sedative, nerves pacifier
  • relieves cramps & spasms
  • antirheumatic, antiarthritic, antiflogistic
  • anetineuralgic, antiseptic
  • antiseptic, stops bleeding
  • hormones regulator menstruation and menopause
  • good natural sedative, antistress, antianxiety
  • natural diuretic, treats gout
  • antiageing, regeneration of old cells
  • support for digestive functions, heals ulcer

Proprietary blend containing Wintergreen and Camphor with Ultra Pure DMSO.

Doage: Take orally 5 drops x 5 times/day


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