Thyme Essential Oil in DMSO


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Health Benefits:

  • kills infections, increases circulation, balances hormones
  • treats respiratory conditions, best natural remedy for cold & flu
  • heals infected wounds, kills over 200 bacteria strains
  • skin therapy, heals acne, natural rushes, burns
  • promotes teeth good health, heals gum lesions, fights bad breath
  • bug repellent, detoxifier, drains congestions & mucous secretions
  • relaxes mind, promotes good sleep, reduces stress & anxiety
  • treats fibroids, relieves PMS, balances progesterone
  • prevents abdominal gases and bloating, bulging, reduces fat
  • improves vision, prevents cellulite & hair loss
  • boost memory & increase concentration


3-5 drops x 3-5 times per day. Take orally and rub topically.


1 Oz (30 ml) bottle


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