Prostamisin is a new line of products dedicated to prostate treatments including cancer support. These products are a blend of our unique Vivid Artemisinin combined with ultra-pure DMSO (99.995%) and infused with several beneficial frequencies.

The therapy with our unique, new products Prostamisin is acting on psycho-emotional level to diminish the stress which triggered the disease, on energetic and cellular level to repair the tissue and restore the full functionality of the affected organ, the prostate. This therapy works at any stage of either benign or malign health condition.

There are two products for Prostate therapy:

  • Prostamisin Cancer Support, for treating prostate cancer
  • Prostamisin Well for treating different benign prostate inflammations

There is also one product for prostate maintenance and prevention, named Prostamisin ActiveMen.

For a cancer patient with prostate cancer, the therapy with Prostamisin Cancer Support takes usually 21 – 42 days, depending on cancer stage, complications, etc.

For patients who had already prostate surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation, please consider following additional Herbeso products beneficial in your recovery phase:

For patients with benign prostate inflammation of different kind, the therapy with Prostamisin Prostate Well takes between 10 and 21 days; eventually this must be repeated.

Prostamisin ActiveMen is recommended to maintain a healthy prostate and to prevent health disorders and prostate’s malfunction. This therapy should be repeated once every three months.

For best results we recommend enrolling as our patient to be correctly guided and supervised during the fully customized therapy based on scans we perform at our end; these services are offered at long distance, in remote. Learn more about our health services.


Prostamisin Prostate Cancer Support

42 bottles for 42 day therapy. 25 ml/bottle, one daily dosage
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Prostamisin Prostate Well

Proprietary blend containing ultra-pure DMSO (99.995%), Sabal Serrulate, Clematis Erecta, Agnus Castus and other herbs and minerals, all infused with
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Prostamisin Activemen

Proprietary blend containing ultra-pure DMSO (99.995%), Caladium, Lycopodium Calvatum, Tibullus Terrestris and other herbs and minerals, all infused with bioenergetic
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